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What Has Worked for Us in Reducing #ScreenTime

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: October 26: #LearningStyles, #ReadingLevels, and Multiple Truths

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this relatively light week include #ChildDevelopment, #Cybils, #GrowthMindset, #Habit, #HigherEd, #KidLitCon, #LearningStyles, #LittleFreeLibraries, #loneliness, #math, #MentalHealth, #play, #ReadingLevels, #STEM, #ViewpointDiversity, empowerment, parenting, and schools. 

Top Tweet of the Week

Theory: Widely Used, Yet Misunderstood | via | "when try to match to a perceived , the benefits are nonexistent"

Book Lists + Awards

FishAreNotAfraidThe Awards kick off their featured blogger reviews w/ nominee Fish Are Not Afraid of Doctors (Maud the Koala), reviewed by Round1 Judge

About the for Imaginative Children, a from

17 Fun and Educational Leaf Books for , a from

Space Books for Kids that Will Turn Them into Astronauts, from

Diversity + Gender

HungerGamesFemale + Characters Really Do Empower Young Girls, Study Finds (but more are needed) via

What Do We Do When Our Truths Aren't the Same? asks | She offers 5 excellent tips to help, such as "Listen More, Talk Less"

Events + Programs

Todd Bol, creator of the movement, dies at 62 | Here's someone who made a practical difference for

Growing Bookworms

I’m a Reader: 5 Ways You Already Model for Your Kids from

Kidlitosphere / KidLitCon

KIDLIT_con_poster_final_web_smReaching : Part 1 Getting Books to Kids 2019 Panel + more | + co-host |

Lots of interesting tidbits in today's Fusenews: We Would Have Also Accepted “Fast Food Fairies” —


Amid College Success Push, The U.S. Overlooks The Fact That One In Four Are - Allison Dulin Salisbury +

Parenting / Personal Growth

WhatIfEverybodyUnderstoodWhat If Professionals Pushed Back when asked to implement developmentally inappropriate practices?

In Defense of : What Will it Take to Get , , and to Follow the Doctor’s Orders? -

I agree 100% with that there's value in sometimes “Not Having a Choice” – Put things that you want to do regularly into a "no choice" category and do them

Yes, You Can Know What Skills Your Children Will Need In The Future – | + more |

Schools and Libraries

Understanding-Texts-and-ReadersWhat Are the Best Ways to Use ? | talks w/ author + shares common mistakes + ways to avoid them in the

How Can Preventive Skills to Help Kids Avoid or Cope w/ - via |

10 Tips for Maintaining Positive Behavior via | "Misbehavior is an opportunity to ", maintain relationships + lots more

+ Stress = An Occasional Personal Day? - thinks this can be a good idea to give overwhelmed kids a break + help them focus

: The New Project says low expectations in hurt kids by not challenging them or preparing them for


What Does a Million Look Like? | An effort to help 3rd graders visualize large numbers turns into an ambitious project to build a model of a 1M

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