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Literacy Milestone: An Appreciation for Biographies

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: November 2: #ReadingAloud, #Kindness, #IntrinsicMotivation + #Reading Instruction

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this fairly busy week include #BookLists, #Giftedness, #GrowingBookworms, #IntrinsicMotivation, #KidLitCon, #Literacy, #LoveOfReading, #ReadAloud, #rewards, #ScreenTime, #testing, #vaccines, bullying, reading #Phonics, schools, spelling, and writing.

Top Tweets of the Week

HeyKiddoWhat’s appropriate for kids to read? There’s value in exposing them to the tough stuff, says | I will want my daughter to read when she's 12 or so (though not quite yet)

The Importance of to Kids: or, Do Kids Grow Out of Read-Aloud Time? No, says mom | "the most important value that reading aloud offers is its connection"

Book Lists

: What Would You Include If Someone Asked for a Quick List of Recent Titles Starring Black Kids? — has suggestions in various genres

TenNineEightBest + to Give as Gifts That Kids Don't Already Have, according to

RA RA Read: for the absolute beginner, resource list from organizer Jennifer Wharton

Seven Scary Books, Perfect October from

Educational Equity + Screen Time

Offline and Underserved: New Study Shows Most Affects Already Likely to Fall Behind | |

This is exactly what I would have expected - it takes a lot of bandwidth to keep your kids off of screens. RT: @Jean_Twenge The new digital divide: The most vulnerable kids are spending more time with screens.


Is my Child ? You'll need more than test results to tell. shares 10 things can teach about

Growing Bookworms

ReadWriteLeadBuilding a Literate Community | share's her school's journey to "encourage the both in our staff and in our students" | I wish all did this | via

A fun idea from | The Rainy Day Bookshelf (keep a special set of books and supplies handy for rain/snow/bored days)

"if we are going to model and share (w/ ) what real do, then we need to be transparent and a little more honest about our own lives" + set more realistic targets for kids

Jeff Kinney | ‘Let children read anything; I’ll never say no to a book’ | Showing kids that is FUN


: Part 2 Getting Your Book Into the Hands of Kids | This Panel on perspectives is definitely up my alley |

Kindness / Positivity

InnovatorsMindsetStarting With Positive Assumptions – If start by assuming positive intent, positive action is more likely to result

How a is improving my life by | “When we see other people around us acting in generous or kind or empathic ways, we will be more inclined to act that way ourselves,” - via

7 ways can teach girls to build one another up, instead of tearing one another down |

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

A Helpful Guide to Better | Links to resources on choosing what to read, tracking book recommendations, taking notes, etc.

Starting 11/1 - Become a : 30 Days to a Habit | will be encouraging readers to by bringing books everywhere + following her prompts

Parenting, Play + Motivation

GiftOfFailureThis is good advice: Park the helicopter, parents. Here’s how (and why) to teach kids to be self-advocates. |

Intentionally Cultivating Abundant, | I so agree that "Leaving a child to their own devices still actually does involve quite a lot of effort on our part"

Confirms It: People Are Not Pets. Research on the efficacy of rewards tells us that we can’t bribe others (including ) into doing what we want.

Parents + , wondering how to implement the Rx for kids to get more ? The seems like a good option |

Schools and Libraries

PassionateReaders"When year after year tell us loudly that they cannot be great because of how they spell, then ... (we need) to examine what message we are giving students."

Just . "There should always be a time to just read aloud (in the ). Every day." A reminder from

10 Ideas for Creating a Strengths-Based Culture in | "People are more confident, passionate, and do better work when you focus on what’s right with them instead of what’s wrong with them."

RaisingKidsWhoReadOpinion | Why Are We Still Teaching the Wrong Way? - via |

Just how are we about ? thinks there may be a quieter majority who believe in basics AND / programs + that the wastes precious time

Research evidence on prevention at odds with what some are doing - severe punishments can exacerbate the problem |

Schools: EdPolicy / Politics

Asking candidates the right questions about | |

Here’s what happened after California got rid of personal belief exemptions for childhood . "Dubious" medical exemptions increased + "can be had for a price". Sigh. via

In the News: NYC Knew Some in Its $773 Million Plan Were Doomed. They Kept Children in Them Anyway -

NC State study reinforces bleak view of results (or lack thereof) for state for 3rd graders | via

Sketching a Workable Way Forward on - + | "it’s possible to boost pay by 20%, pay terrific teachers six figures, leave class sizes stable, and do it w/ a measured, disciplined increase in revenue"

In More High School Classes, the Is on a Screen. Facing a , some districts try


Is the real problem the test, not students? | Is working as we'd hoped? via

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