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Growing Bookworms Newsletter: March 6: Post-Vacation Edition

JRBPlogo-smallToday, I will be sending out a new issue of the Growing Bookworms email newsletter. (If you would like to subscribe, you can find a sign-up form here.) The Growing Bookworms newsletter contains content from my blog focused on growing joyful learners, mainly bookworms, but also mathematicians and learners of all types. The newsletter is usually sent out every three weeks.

Newsletter Update: In this issue I have a post about things I've been doing to improve my focus (with book recommendations). I also have two literacy milestones for my daughter (appreciating the smell of new books and being librarian for a day at school) and a post about how I try to validate her reading choices. Finally, I have three posts with links that I shared on Twitter, full of reading- and literacy-related news. 

Reading Update:  In the last three weeks I finished two middle grade titles, one young adult titles, and five adult titles (two fiction and four nonfiction). I went to Florida with my family, and was able to get in some reading time on the airplane and in the theme parks. I read/listened to: 

  • ItWasntMeDana Alison Levy: It Wasn't Me. Delacorte Books for Young Readers. Middle Grade/Middle School Fiction. Completed February 10, 2019, print review copy. This books is basically a remake of the Breakfast Club, but with a mystery (who defaced the photos taken by Theo?). It's a little contrived as a result, but very well executed. I flagged a variety of passages, and laughed out loud many times, too. One of the characters is Jax Fletcher from Levy's books about the Family Fletcher, a nice continuity.
  • Jeff Kinney: The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary: How Greg Heffley Went Hollywood. Harry N. Abrams Books. Middle Grade Nonfiction. Completed February 16, 2019, read aloud to my daughter. This isn't something I would have read on my own, but I actually learned a fair bit about how movies are made. And my daughter, a Wimpy Kid fan, loved it. 
  • VanishingStairMaureen Johnson: The Vanishing Stair (Truly Devious #2). Katherine Tegen Books. Young Adult Mystery. Completed February 18, 2019, on Kindle. This was an excellent read, well-plotted and with strong characters. My only complaint is that I'll presumably have to wait a year for the next book, with several major unresolved issues nagging at me. 
  • Pernille Ripp: Passionate Readers. Routledge. Adult Nonfiction. Completed February 12, 2019, on Kindle. I love Pernille's blog, and enjoyed reading her thoughts about how teachers can and should nurture passionate readers in the classroom. 
  • Lisa Damour: Under Pressure: Confronting the Epidemic of Stress and Anxiety in Girls. Ballantine Books. Adult Nonfiction. Completed February 20, 2019, on Kindle. This book, by a clinical psychologist, has a lot of useful information about helping girls cope with the various pressures around them. I need to go back and review my many highlights, and may write more about this book in the future. 
  • BurglarThomas Perry: The Burglar. Mysterious Press. Adult Mystery/Thriller. Completed February 27, 2019, on Kindle. I enjoyed this mystery, about a female cat-burglar who accidentally stumbles upon a murder scene, and has to go into hiding, and try to solve the crime to save her own life. I hope this proves to be the first of a new series. 
  • Celeste Headlee: We Need to Talk: How to Have Conversations That Matter. Harper Wave. Adult Nonfiction. Completed March 1, 2019, on Kindle. This is a quick read about how to have better conversations. It actually fit in well with my current focus on focusing better, because being focused on the person you are talking to (and not on your phone) is one of the author's first and strongest suggestions. I liked this book enough to go back through my highlights and make a document with recommendations that I can review over time. 
  • C.J. Box: The Disappeared (Joe Pickett, No. 18). G.P. Putnam's Sons. Adult Mystery. Completed March 4, 2019, on MP3. I delayed listening to this installment of the Joe Pickett series for some reason. I'm glad that I did, because the next book will be out next week. I have already pre-ordered it, which should tell you all you need to know. 

TheGetawayI'm still reading Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey, having taken a break between Part 1 and Part 2 (the downside of reading in print is that I don't want to take print books on vacation). I hope to find some focused time to finish this one soon. I'm also reading No More Mean Girls by Katie Hurley. I'm listening to Murder in an Irish Pub by Carlene O'Connor. I'm reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway by Jeff Kinney aloud to my daughter. 

In terms of her own reading, my daughter has been re-reading the first two Five Worlds books by Mark Siegel et. al. and other graphic novel favorites. She never gets a ton of reading done when we are traveling, but she did enjoy Edison Beaker, Creature Seeker: The Night Door by Frank Cammuso and a graphic novel version of Tom Sawyer. We're also trying to catch up on our Word A Day calendar, after falling behind over vacation. 

Thanks for reading, and for growing bookworms! 

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