Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: March 8: Online #BedTimeStories, #WorldBookDay and Damaging #Homework
Literacy Milestone: Wanting to be a Journalist

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: March 15: A College Admissions Scandal, A Reading Crisis + More

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this busy week include #BookLists, #CollegeAdmissions, #Focus, #Grit, #GrowingBookworms, #GrowthMindset, #HigherEd, #Introversion, #KidLitCon, #Literacy, #Mindfulness, #ScreenTime, #Testing, #WorldBookDay, grading, libraries, parenting, reading, and schools.

Top Tweets of the Week

We Have a National Crisis in - , + | work is a both/and re: + sharing rich texts w/ kids

THIS! Celebrating One Year of The Image | | Parents should focus on kids' + , not on as a competition. [This one was added too late to have received a lot of responses yet, but I WANT everyone to read it.]

Book Lists + Awards

JuliaMorganThree on a Theme from | about Female Architects |

8 to Celebrate , from

: About 99 Real-Life Mighty Girls & Women | from

A particularly fun today from | Top Secret! Spy Books for Kids, fiction + nonfiction

GreatGreeneHeistAnother fun from | Books Like : Heists, Thrilling Missions and Spies! |

Press Release Fun | The 2019 Book Prize Winners Announced! — I love these awards that celebrate in

Events, Programs + Research

is coming up! Bring your current ARCs to swap! Bring spare tote bags! Bring books to donate to a good cause! |

Author/illustrator book sale and signing event open to the public both evenings of (4-6pm, 3/ 22 + 23) – Providence, RI

Happy 60th Birthday to . She looks pretty good for her age:

GritResearch scholars to air problems with using at - | Author shares responses from to

Objections to 's Take on + from +

Growing Bookworms

Set the children free – show them the joy of for reading’s sake | via

Parents urged to keep to children "well into their teens" - via |

How to to a Child That Won’t Sit Still |

BookLoveTaylorHow Easy Books (Some of the Time) Benefits Your Child | Good points from via

Higher Ed

This is insane: Federal Prosecutors Charge Dozens of Wealthy Parents in Cheating Scheme - | Faking recruited athletes + cheating on tests just to get into certain schools. Sigh.

One Reason Rural Students Don't Go To : Colleges Don't Go To Them | |

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

QuietSusanCainIntroverts Unite! (separately) – "The entire world is designed for noisy coffee lovers, why can’t we keep this one little bit of it (the library) quiet? |

Schools and Libraries

Four Practices That Discourage | via

‘If all of that had been improving us, we would have been the highest-achieving nation in the world.' Here’s what does work in | quotes

Movement And Breathing Breaks Help Students Stay Focused On | |

A depressing report: 'It's dangerous': full chaos of cuts in England's revealed by@guardian investigation | +

Screen Time, Parenting + Play

OrchidAndDandelionIs Your Child An Orchid Or A Dandelion? Unlocking The Science Of Sensitive Kids | interviews author Thomas Boyce about a book that I found fascinating

Smartphone Addicts’ New Tactic to Break Their Habit: Buy a Second Phone - | Personally I found it easier to delete + other apps from my regular phone, but this was interesting |

What I Gave My Kid Instead of a Smartphone – Some excellent advice in this piece about kids + technology by via |

How Does Generation Z Read? (+ how does that affect ) | Kelly Jensen talks w/ |

A timely reminder from that sometimes we need to tolerate the messy in favor of allowing opportunities |

Raising a Nonstarving Artist - guest post from

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