Literacy Milestone: Wanting to be a Journalist
Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: March 29: #ClassroomLibraries, #CellPhone Bans + #ReadingAloud Print Books to Kids

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: March 22: Personal Responsibility, Education Research + Snowplow Parents

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #GrowthMindset, #introversion, #JoyOfReading, #literacy, #MentalHealth, #PersonalizedLearning, #ReadAloud, #SocialMedia, college, libraries, parenting, research, and teachers.

Top Tweet of the Week

I like this post from about taking responsibility for your choices + actions, not blaming things "happening" to you | Yes, It’s All Your Fault: Active vs. Passive Mindsets

Events, Programs + Research

LionWitchRead Like a Child, Don’t Fall Into the Trap of Competitive | Sally O'Reilly via |

The dark side of research: widespread bias | developer-funded research showed benefits 70% greater than what independent study found

The Fails to Close: Half century of shows mostly unchanged divide between haves and have-nots, + that gains at 8th grade level don't flow through to end of

Wishing well as she heads out to Providence, happening THIS weekend. I'm sure her panel on will be useful. As for me, I'll be there in spirit but not in body

Building Teens Into Strong Readers — By Letting Them Teach | via |

Growing Bookworms

MissRumphiusThe Time for – Early March Edition is out from , covering + ideas for linking gardening +

15 Tips for Starting a Lifelong Conversation w/ Kids About Books |  

Higher Ed

Remember, It’s Their Years, Not Yours - | Sue Shellenbarger talks to various experts on overly involved parents who project their own needs +/or pressure their kids re:

Is Worth It? Wealthy parents who spend to get their kids into top schools aren’t giving them as big an advantage as commonly thought, research shows

Parenting + Play

RaiseAnAdultHow (who move every challenge out of kids' paths) Are Robbing Their Children of Adulthood +

Is Now Required by Law in Several U.S. States | Sad that they have to legislate this, but good to see kids getting more |

Getting Little Boys to Sit Down and Learn. "Nourish first their deep instinctual need to move, wear them out physically. Then they will be able to sit for a time"


In , Where Is the Line Between Criticism and Cancel Culture? Lots of food for thought in this piece by | My friend is quoted, too!

Schools and Libraries

MindsetSchools love the idea of a , but has its application in been shown to have an impact? Does self-concept drive achievement, or vice versa? via

Oral Reading (kids in class): Making it Useful or Making it a Waste of Time? should work to keep it enjoyable + fun

research: Schools should invest in arts and PE to boost adolescent students' attainment and engagement | via

Explicit Instruction: It's Not Just for Students With - |

Five Myths and What You Can Do to Overcome Them –

13 ways educators can transform | | Give students time to read, think, write + dream

Expecting Too Much — and Too Little? — of | musings from

9 Unexpected Perks That Come with Having a Library Card | via |

Self Awareness, Screen Time + Mental Health

QuietSusanCainThis fits w/ my experience: Why Might Be the Best Career Path for Introverts |

Rise In Depression Among + Young Adults Could Be Linked To Use, finds new study headed by |

Brazilian Researchers Say Is Real, And That It’s Associated With Impaired Decision-making –

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