Literacy Milestone: Making a Crossword Puzzle
Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: April 26: Studying Techniques, #SummerReading Encouragement + #KidLit for Adults

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: April 19: Climbing Trees, Creating Lifelong Readers + Reading on Paper

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage (with a few from last week, when I was on vacation and didn't do a link roundup). Topics include #DiverseBooks, #GenderRoles, #giftedness, #GrowingBookworms, #HigherEd, #Jeopardy!, #kidlitosphere, #literacy, #play, #Poetry, #ReadAloud, #ReadingLevels, #ScreenTime, #STEM, #teaching, parenting, and reading.

Top Tweets of the Week

Maya Awards for Creating Lifelong Readers & Maya Angelou Teacher Award for from +

The Biggest ! Winner says that fact-based children's books helped him win b/c "They are chock-full of infographics, pictures + all kinds of stuff to keep the reader engaged" via

Book Lists

Rounding up the Books for kids published in 2019 —

6 Great Books for Teachers, Parents & Grandparents who love children's books | Any that includes "Five on Brexit Island" is worth a look |

Highly Engaging Sure to Hook | from

Diversity + Gender

UnderPressureTeaching Girls to Be Great Competitors - Jennifer Breheny Wallace | "new research shows that many girls have trouble managing the stress and emotions that go along with competition"

Happy Spring! The April Linkup is (+ other blogs)

Author | Bringing into children's books | Why 'seeing yourself' matters for kids |

MomentOfLiftEquality for Women Must Start at Home (Even the Gates Home) - shares essay from her forthcoming book about empowering women

Events, Programs + Research

Guest Post | Danielle Goldman & , a program to make fun + encourage

I love this: Bus Driver Entertains Kids w/ by providing 'bucket of books' On Her Bus Route | Kids can grab books + in pairs, a guest reader comes on Friday afternoons to read to all

I love it! Netherlands makes trains free on for those who show a book instead of ticket |

ReadAloudHandbookA “million word gap” by kinder between children raised in rich environments vs. kids who aren’t read to at home at all |

The Progressive Poem is happening now. Here’s an update from

Growing Bookworms

10 Ways to Make Home a Path to Lifelong by adding more fun by Kyla McDonald | Backwards reading day, joke books, baking + more

Why Bitsy Parks doesn't worry too much about tracking her students' "I'm striving to lay the foundation for a love of reading"

How We Set Up in | Book clubs give students the chance to "engage in meaningful discussion"

Higher Ed

Why Has the Cost of Outpaced Inflation? - shares reasons, concludes "College presidents, trustees + politicians should feel some shame as they are the leaders in this cash grab" |

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Worse for Comprehension than on Paper, Leads to Overconfidence, New Meta-analysis Concludes -

Parenting + Play

FreeRangeKidsClimbing trees is safer than organized sports + great for physical + emotional development | via

Why is Important for - via | Comprehensive w/ lots of references

Why & How to Nurture Wherever You Live (urban, suburban, rural) |

The Corruption Continuum | parents help kids seek limited spots in elite colleges | "there’s no way to peel away all the parent-conferred advantages and extras, for they’re inherent, multifaceted, and I think inevitable"

Why you should consider watching w/ your kids + list of the best ones to watch w/ them

Schools and Libraries

FewerThingsBetter"We're a Family" and Other School Norms that Can Cause Burnout | talks w/ about doing fewer things better in

Does help talented go ahead faster? Survey finds emphasis on developing creativity + critical thinking instead of acceleration above grade level

Parents Make a Big Difference in School Quality. I’m Living Proof. Thomas Sheppard |

What If Teachers Could No Longer Give B-minuses? Do we want our system to be a sorting system or a system? The case for |

Standardized really isn’t the problem. The issue is using as a (poor) proxy for quality. How can we have better accountability systems? asks

Sigh: Alum Rock school district cuts all to balance budget | | Not our district, but nearby

Interesting analogy from | What Can Learn from about Differentiating Instruction


Tuesday Spin Off: Books that illustrate the of | | , +

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