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LiteracyMilestoneAMy daughter, now nine, has never stopped reading picture books. She mostly reads them on her own at this point, though I'm happy to read with her when asked. I'll often find a little pile of them on the floor of her room or in the bathroom. She sometimes turns to them in times of emotional distress. But mostly she reads them just for fun. We still check them out of the library. And she received some new favorites for both Christmas and her birthday this year. 

Last week, though, she got on a real picture book tear. My husband  was out of town, and I had suggested that we read together in her room before bed (usually he is the bedtime reader). While I was getting myself ready, she started going through her bookshelves, pulling down favorite titles until she had a very large stack. I read a couple of them to her, but I think that was too slow - she mostly read on her own, devouring them while I lay in her bed reading my book. In the morning (it was spring break week), she continued. She started putting the read books into a pile and sitting on it while she read.

Here's the pile:


She eventually had to stop so that we could go out. I later counted the books that she had read. There were 49. We both agreed that evening that she should add one more, to make it 50 picture books read in (more or less) 24 hours. I think it's safe to say that's the most she's read on her own, though she still fondly remembers a day that she was home sick from preschool or kindergarten and her nanny read her picture books for hours. [Yes, we were very lucky.]

I  wouldn't say that this stack represents her top 50 of all time, because there were some bookshelves that she never got to and favorites that I know are missing. But  you could safely say it represents 50 of her top 100 titles. I  was pleased by many of the titles that I saw, including some that I had kept because I liked them, and didn't even know that she appreciated, too. You can see the list at the top of her 2019 reading list page. You can find the list stretching from A is for Musk Ox by Erin Cabatingan and Matthew Myers down to Peanut Butter and Jelly Fish by Jarrett Krosoczka.  

I was especially pleased to find a couple of titles in there that had been gifts from friends over the years, as well as some that were gifts from me. Many, of course, date to my days as a Cybils Fiction Picture Book judge, and picture book reviewer in general. Others we learned about from reading the blogs of my Kidlitosphere friends. All of these books (and sources for book ideas) are appreciated. 

I did ask her if any of the books she read hadn't held up, such that they might move over to the donate pile. She could only come up with one. This means that we will be overrun with picture books in our house for quite some time. I couldn't be happier.

Thanks for reading, and for growing bookworms. Look here to see the list

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