Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: May 31: #ReadingAloud, #KidLitCon, #STEM + #IntrinsicMotivation
Literacy Milestone: Encouraging Others to Read More

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: June 7: #BookADay, #SummerReading, #IntrinsicMotivation + Range

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookADay, #Diversity, #Giftedness, #GrowthMindset, #Kidlitosphere, #LearningStyles, #Literacy, #MentalHealth, #play, #ScreenTime, #SummerReading, #SummerSlide, creativity, libraries, physical books, and schools.

Top Tweet of the Week

Let’s Hear It for the Average Child | @MargaretRenkl @nytopinion celebrates different kinds of kids, each with their own unique (if not measurable) contributions

Book Lists

NicoBravo2019 Comics for Kids You Should Keep an Eye On, per @fuseeight | I added a bunch of these to my daughter's wish list #GraphicNovels #kidlit

More titles for my daughter's #TBR list in: Coming Attractions: #GraphicNovels at Book Expo 2019 — @nycschlibrarian @GoodComics4Kids

Diversity + Gender

This Selective New York School Has Found a Formula for #Diversity - At a #Science #HighSchool on Upper West Side ~ half of the ~440 students are black or Hispanic + most are low-income @lesliebrody @WSJ

Black Students in #CharterSchools Are More Likely to Have Black Teachers, which can lead to academic gains in #math - @madeline_will @EdWeekTeacher

Growing Bookworms + Summer Reading

GameChangerIt's time for @donalynbooks 11th Annual #Bookaday Challenge | @nerdybookclub | Participating is a chance to recommit to #reading + celebrate the #JoyOfReading w/ others

The @TheReadingTub #NoSummerSlide Week 1 – Terry says "Let’s Go Bananas!" | Yes, #Literacy + #BananaSplits can go together

Instead of trying to find lots of activities for kids, @MarlaSzwast suggests staying home #reading w/ your kids. Check out her #SummerReading Bucket List –

ParkerInheritanceStaying Strong: #SummerReading for 2019 from @sljournal's Classroom Bookshelf blog | Links to SLJ reviews of award-winning books + many other #reading resources

Stop the Slide! #SummerLearningLoss Prevention Tips for 6- to 8-Year-Olds from @ImaginationSoup @ReadBrightly | | Read Every Day (+ lots more)

Why Should Dads Read with Their Kids? | @BuildaLibrary @ReadBrightly | "You’re not just reading them a story. You’re holding their hand, opening a door, and showing them what the world is like."


KarensWitchKeep up with #Kidlitosphere news in Morning Notes: #IntrinsicMotivation Edition — @100scopenotes | @donalynbooks @alfiekohn + lots more

#PoetryFriday -- Call for Roundup Hosts from @MaryLeeHahn #kidlitosphere #poetry #kidlit

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

A new survey found that 65% of readers prefer physical books over #audiobooks (18%) or #ebooks (29%) | @ellenduffer @Forbes #Reading| For me it depends on what I'm doing. I like having all 3 choices in the mix. 

Can #reading really improve your #MentalHealth? Participants in this @BBC Culture event think so, and discuss how | via @tashrow

#Writing Tips for Kids 10 - Use Your Senses, from @BookChook | "When you’re #reading, be on the alert for writing that grabs you and puts you inside a character’s head or feeling"

Parenting, Play + Mental Health

RangeAuthor of new #nonfiction title RANGE @DavidEpstein shares thoughts @nytopinion on why you should want your child to be a generalist instead of an early specialist | #parenting

Playing #TeamSports May Protect From Some Damages Of Childhood Trauma, but increasing costs make sports unavailable to many kids who need the boost @MindShiftKQED

Largest Observational Study Of Its Kind Finds Talkative Parents Have Kids With Better Cognitive Skills – but the study couldn't distinguish correlation from causation @mattbwarren @ResearchDigest

The interface of anxiety, overthinking, and shame among gifted children and teens @giftedchlnges #giftedness #MentalHealth

Can't say I'm convinced, but a new study says the Link Between Teens’ Time On Digital Devices + Lower Wellbeing Is “Too Small To Merit Substantial Scientific Discussion” – @Psych_Writer @ResearchDigest #ScreenTime

Schools and Libraries

MindsetBuilding #GrowthMindset in the Classroom: Assignments From #CarolDweck - @SarahDSparks @educationweek

Belief in #LearningStyles Myth is Widespread + May Be Detrimental, w/ #parents + #teachers wasting time + money @APA via @DTWillingham

#Libraries without librarians? Twin Cities systems try it, adding "open library" hours when patrons can go in, check out books, etc. while monitored on video @ErinStrib @StarTribune

School Doesn’t Have to Kill Creativity – @katiemartinedu shares her son's positive experience after moving to a #School w/ "a more holistic view of #learning"

Is #SummerLearningLoss Real? Paul T. von Hippel lost faith in one of #education research’s classic results, but does think summers offer a chance for kids who are behind to catch up, with the right opportunities | @EducationNext

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