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Literacy Milestone: Encouraging Others to Read More

LiteracyMilestoneARecently my daughter experienced a bookworm success. She encouraged my husband to get back  into the habit of reading in bed before falling asleep. He had developed a pattern of working on his computer after she and I went to bed and then watching some TV to unwind. Concerned that he wasn't getting enough sleep, she started lobbying him to get to bed earlier and to read in bed to unwind instead.

When he protested that he couldn't read in bed because the light would wake me, she suggested that he start reading on my old Kindle Paperwhite, with the brightness turned way down. She ranted at him about how TV isn't good for his brain and reading is, that reading would help him to fall asleep, and so on. Yes, I've created a pro-reading zealot. I couldn't be more proud.  

HungerGamesBook1Always one to encourage reading, I cooperated by charging up the old device and loading it up with some books that he was interested in. And now ... at least some of the time, my husband is going to bed earlier and reading. If I happen to wake up I do see the tiny glow of the Kindle, but in this context I find it satisfying. My daughter cared enough to essentially badger my husband into finding a way to read in bed. My husband cared enough about her to listen, and to change his routine. 

It turns out that choosing to re-read the Hunger Games books may not have been the best choice for increasing his sleep, though, because now he's staying up late to read. But you can't have everything. 

Thanks for reading, and for growing bookworms (of all ages)!

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