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Bookworm Moments: Giggling on the Balcony

BetterYouThanMeThe other day my daughter and I were reading our separate books on our balcony (pretty much my favorite place in the world) when my concentration was interrupted by the sound of giggling. I  looked over and my daughter was snorting with laughter over something in her book (Better You Than Me, by Jessica Brody). She read the passage aloud (something about eating a burger), but it wasn't clear to me what was funny about it. She choked out: "They (the two main characters) are just so DIFFERENT". And I settled back into my own book, content.

This wasn't some wordplay or slapstick humor (though of course those would have been great, too). Rather, my daughter was seeing the humor in a character behaving in a way that was contrary to that girl's own nature. Though I haven't actually read the book in question, I'm pretty sure this shows that my daughter's understanding of books is increasing. Slowly but surely, and as it should be.

As  for me, I just love that she can double up laughing over a book. It was a great way to start the day. 

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