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Bookworm Moments: Backup Books for Reading by the Pool

BabymouseLockerLast weekend my daughter had a playdate with a friend at our local pool. [This is my favorite kind of playdate, because I can sit quietly and read.] After her friend left, we decided to stay for a while so that my husband could join us. While we were waiting for him, she asked if we could go out to the car to get something for her to read. She proceeded to gather a stack of six graphic novels. [As I've mentioned before, my car is basically a mobile library.]

I said something like "You are a nut." 

Her response was: "What? I'm not sure which one I want to read right now. And they're all GOOD." 

"Fair enough," I conceded. And she mostly sat reading until she was able to convince my husband to go in the pool with her.  

SecretCodersTo me this incident demonstrates that kids need reading choice not just overall, but also in the moment. As I reflected on this for a moment, I realized that I myself had finished one book on my Kindle while I was sitting there and then dabbled in a few samples before settling on what I was  going to read next.

This is how real readers read. We graze. We pick and choose. And we always make sure that we have a backup available, in case we finish our first, or it just doesn't suit our mood.

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