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Giving My Daughter Free Choice at the Library: Photographic Proof

Links I Shared on Twitter Recently: July 12: Knowledge vs. Reading Comprehension, Divisiveness in YA Twitter + Summer Road Trips

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter recently @JensBookPage. I missed the past couple of weeks of roundups because of travel and houseguests, but I was saving articles in my readers. Below you will find a veritable bonanza of links about #BookLists, #DiverseBooks, #giftedness, #Happiness, #HigherEd, #literacy, #LoveOfBooks, #math, #NoSummerSlide, #phonics, #play, #ReadingLogs, #RoadTrips, #ScreenTime, #STEM, #SummerReading, parenting, reading, schools, testing, writing and lots more. 

Book Lists + Awards

HumanBodyTheaterNew #BookList from @momandkiddo | Children's Books about the Amazing Human Body! ow.ly/yVRG30p5Bk7 | My daughter loves Human Body Theater (nonfiction #GraphicNovel about the body)

#EasyReaders and Early #ChapterBooks: Some of the Best of 2019 per @fuseeight ow.ly/dZui30p4RJe #BookList

Laugh-Out-Loud Funny Beginning #ChapterBook Series: Ages 6-10 ow.ly/jd5s30p4RGv | A good #BookList @momandkiddo b/c kids love #FunnyBooks

100 Mighty Girl Books for Tweens' #SummerReading List | @amightygirl #BookList ow.ly/wEkU30oYRsw | I will note that these #DiverseBooks w/ strong protagonists should be great for boys, too.

Announcing the Winners of the Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards! — @fuseeight ow.ly/pw4u30p6p2Y #GraphicNovels, #kidlit #nonfiction

Diversity + Gender

BlackWitchYes, #YA Twitter Can Be Toxic, But It Also Points Out Real Problems ow.ly/F8Wo30p0J43 @mollytempleton @BuzzFeed | #DiverseBooks #OwnVoices #Publishing

Torn apart: the vicious war over young adult books | @leobenedictus @GuardianBooks ow.ly/ybJR30oYRz1 | What is #CancelCulture doing to #YA fiction? | #DiverseBooks #OwnVoices

Events, Programs + Research

McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys Caught in Backlash Over Plastic - @SaabiraC @WSJ ow.ly/Dr8F30p5Z1b | I say replace all the toys with children's books for a win-win solution

HiddenTribesRepublicans and Democrats Don't Understand Each Other - @Yascha_Mounk @TheAtlantic ow.ly/fGO130oZI7g - New study by @MiC_Global shows #PerceptionGap, especially among educated Democrats

Research finds Texas 10% policy didn’t expand number of high schools feeding students to top universities ow.ly/Lu5c30p5C4n #HigherEd @hechingerreport @jillbarshay

Preschoolers Who Practice #Phonics Show Stronger #Math Skills, Study Finds - @EdWeekTeacher https://t.co/vGqY7YN6gY

Brain Wars: #UnitStudies vs. Brain #Science@MarlaSzwast ow.ly/Nimu30p4R5o "what goes on in our brains when we learn is much more similar to what happens in every other person’s brain than it is different."

Not even a little bit surprising, but still good: Study Finds Toddlers Prefer Print Books over Tablets – @ClevelandClinic ow.ly/jZ9N30p46or #GrowingBookworms

I think this is a really neat program: To Improve Care, #VA Asks Patients Their Life Stories + adds them to medical record | @bkesling @WSJ ow.ly/5kTB30p4OtU | An idea for @KPMemberService

Growing Bookworms

ClassroomBookADay#classroombookaday - #PictureBooks Are For ANY Grade ow.ly/4Anl30oYRpb | @heisereads "Picture book is a format, not an age designation"

Pros & Cons of #ReadingLogs - @Larryferlazzo shares responses from 4 educators | I'm w/ @LRobbTeacher + @huels_ryan https://t.co/rzUbn2LIDp

Road Trip #Literacy Tips for When You Can’t Read in the Car from @TheReadingTub ow.ly/6kYy30p4QZx | Alphabet games + more | In my family we play a game where we name a winery for each letter of the alphabet

#NoSummerSlide Week 5 @TheReadingTub – Road Trip #Literacy Ideas (when you can't read in the car), Part 2 ow.ly/MTb030p4Riv | music, #audiobooks, #podcasts + more

#NoSummerSlide Week 6 @TheReadingTub #Literacy-themed #RoadTrip Activities, Part 3 ow.ly/eTcn30p5Bsi | Journals + treasure hunts are both up my daughter's alley for sure

Booktalks: An Often-Overlooked Way to Foster a #LoveOfReading in Children | Christine French Cully  @ReadBrightly ow.ly/BAYo30p6OC0 | "reading for pleasure makes us smarter, more empathetic, and even healthier"

This is awesome! Books on wheels: School bus keeps #SummerReading rolling | Herald & Tribune ow.ly/2FPO30p4RZg | via @bkshelvesofdoom

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

PigeonSchoolMy daughter saw this story + we had to order the book immediately: Mo Willems Prepares Another ‘Pigeon’ Book - @chriskornelis @WSJ ow.ly/CcY630p4OPn @The_Pigeon @DisneyBooks

The Complete Listing of All Public Children’s Literature Statues in the United States (2019 Edition) — @FuseEight ow.ly/Qd2t30p5TKc #kidlit #art

What Creates a #Reading Identify, and should we be worried about a decline in reading among today's kids? @Kerensd @AwfullyBigBlog ow.ly/5R0h30p5BpT #LoveOfBooks #GrowingBookworms

Is teaching #writing as important as teaching #reading? Yes, say many. It encourages independent thinking, empowerment + communication @MollySpray @washingtonpost https://t.co/IAC3suyN8F 

On the UK #ChildrensLaureate speeches, kids' rights as readers + a reminder that it's easier to convince kids of the #JoyOfReading than it is adults, by @KMcCaughrain @AwfullyBigBlog ow.ly/6Gpx30p6PdB

WizardsOnceNew UK #ChildrensLaureate @CressidaCowell wants to 'take on TV' to encourage kids to love books + boost creative #writing + #SchoolLibraries ow.ly/6npL30p5ZzO @BBC

#Writing Tips for Kids 11 @BookChook - Write Great Dialogue ow.ly/NAsr30p4RWD | Listen to people chatting, pay attention to what you read in books + more

I agree w/ @MarniAtHome that handwritten thank-you notes are the grace notes of life ow.ly/Mxmg30oZoX6 | They are getting rarer all the time, but I always appreciate them | #Gratitude

Parenting, Screen Time + Play

The First Time Our Child Was Asked “To Come Out and Play” | #TeacherMom @HonorsGradU shares tips for supporting + reassuring parents as they strive to build autonomy in kids ow.ly/T10P30p6PoZ

ScreenwiseAt Your Wits' End With A Screen-Obsessed Kid? Read This | @MindShiftKQED @anya1anya ow.ly/6elh30p4S5X | #parenting #ScreenTime @DevorahHeitner

I agree completely w/ @TrevorHCairney that #boredom is still good for children! ow.ly/lJf730p5DkG #parenting #play #creativity

I certainly agree with this piece: A Young Imagination Beats Videogames - Mike Kerrigan @WSJopinion ow.ly/yULI30p0l2d #play #ScreenTime

Parents, Reject the Fear-Mongering says #TeacherMom @HonorsGradU ow.ly/NJ1H30p4RRN | Push back on #HelicopterParenting w/ Mary's questions about #FreePlay + #ChildIndependence

Study of 1500 UK parents found most care more about their kids' #happiness than about their #grades or professional success ow.ly/uTza30p4Rg5 @TheSun via @drdouggreen

10 Signs That Your Child Is More Ready for #Kindergarten Than You Might Think – @HonorsGradU ow.ly/jd1830p4R2d | They enjoy stories (even if they aren't sitting perfectly still) + lots more | #ChildDevelopment #Parenting

Schools and Libraries

KnowledgeGapElementary-School Curriculum Is All Wrong | In early grades, #schools value reading-comprehension skills over knowledge. Results are bad, espec. for poor kids @natwexler @TheAtlantic https://t.co/OnBmbLfsdX

Bob Shepherd: This Is What a Generation of “Standards and Testing” Has Done to #ELA Teaching | @DianeRavitch via @drdouggreen | #teaching skills instead of content ow.ly/5jnc30p5TBZ

Serving the #Math Whiz Kids: Private enrichment programs step up to meet the need that #schools are not filling for kids strong in math | @TchersPet @EducationNext ow.ly/aiXN30p5TMH | #giftedness #PISA #STEM

#Grades Are Lousy Preparation for Life - @mssackstein ow.ly/LmOj30p4R8W | Grades in the 90s are very good in #school, but most jobs expect near 100% performance. Some don't even have numeric metrics

20,000 Pennies: How a #BookClub Transformed our #School Community by #SchoolLibrarian Sarah FitzHenry @nerdybookclub ow.ly/zZOf30oZIeC #LittleFreeLibraries

This makes sense to me | How Building in Time for Exam Review Supports Advances in Student Learning | @kendalrolley @MindShiftKQED ow.ly/IFaH30oZoRi | #GrowthMindset #Testing

7 Effective Family Involvement Techniques for Teachers from @growingbbb ow.ly/Jtx430p6p04 | Enhance communication, rethink #homework + more

Here's something I hadn't considered: #Schools Wrestle With Privacy of #DigitalData Collected on Students (e.g. search histories) @BetsyMorris2 @WSJ https://t.co/z2IMDUV3HF

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