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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: August 2: Attendance Awards, Rereading, Happiness + Birthday Books

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookLists, #GraphicNovels, #HigherEd, #JoyOfReading, #KidLitCon, #Math, #NoSummerSlide, #Play, #ReadAloud, #ReReading, #ViewpointDiversity, #VocationalEd, parenting, reading, and writing. 

Top Tweet of the Week

Why You Should Put Down Your Phone And Say Hello To A Stranger. Even brief eye contact increases people's sense of inclusion + belonging + thus > #happiness. @NicolausWriting @NPR

Book Lists

CharlieAndTheChocolate9 Books to Celebrate #NationalMilkChocolateDay - Delicious #BookList from @literacious | I kind of want to watch the original #WillyWonka movie now

A Roundup of #PictureBooks for a Hot Summer Day | #BookList from @randomlyreading

Top 30 Picks for Social Emotional Learning #PictureBooks from @thisreadingmama | #SEL #BookLists

Diversity + Gender

You’re probably making incorrect assumptions about your opposing political party. That's a recipe for national decline if we can't work to better understand our opponents @arthurbrooks @washingtonpost #ViewpointDiversity

UC imposes political litmus test on faculty | In the name of #diversity test would make the overwhelmingly liberal UC faculty even less ideologically diverse says @DanCALmatters #IdeologicalDiversity #ViewpointDiversity #HigherEd

Events, Programs + Research

KidLitCon2020LogoAnnouncing #KidLitCon 2020 in Ann Arbor, MI! – @KidLitCon @alibrarymama | The theme of this year's conference for #KidLit bloggers + authors is "Seeing Clearly" [2020 KidLitCon logo designed by Sarah Stevenson and Heather Pacheco.]

Growing Bookworms

Great stuff on the Benefits ( #JoyOfReading + #literacy skills) for kids of #Rereading this week @Books_Between + conversation w/ @dataquilter from @Scholastic

RealFriendsLove this! #Reading specialist + #SchoolLibrarian create after-school workshop for #GraphicNovel geeks to read, celebrate + create GNs | @fitzbtwnshelves + @megangrant87 @nerdybookclub

The Power Of 'Just #Reading' A Good Novel | Teachers "might want to try spending less time on “skills” and more on just plunging into a good, long story", boosting #ReadingComprehension + #JoyOfReading | @natwexler @Forbes

#NoSummerSlide Week 9 @TheReadingTub – Let’s Go to the Movies | I like the Book or Movie Competition idea to include #literacy

HappyBirthdayHamsterClassroom Birthday Book Basket Idea from @growingbbb : Fill a Basket w/ Birthday-Themed #PictureBooks + let birthday child select a #ReadAloud


Depth Over Breadth: The value of #Vocational Education, including in-depth study, in U.S. #HighSchools @EducationNext #WorkforcePrep #HigherEd

Sigh. College Financial-Aid Tactic / Loophole: Wealthy Parents Transfer Away Legal Guardianship of Their Teens so Kids Get Need-Based Aid - @dougbelkin @WSJ #HigherEd

Follow-Up: The College #FinancialAid Guardianship Loophole and the Woman Who Thought It Up @dougbelkin @WSJ #HigherEd

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

FanGirlThoughts on children's literature that refers to children's literature (vs. prior references more to classic adult literature) - Clémentine Beauvais @AwfullyBigBlog #kidlit

Why Teachers Should Write, reflectively + for an audience, w/ tips for getting started - @JustinMinkel @EdWeekTeacher | #writing #teaching

Why #Writing Sucks and We Need to Talk About It | @pernilleripp on the need to be direct about issues students have w/ writing | #WritingIdentity #JoyOfLearning

Parenting + Play

Author #JohnMarsden on the 'toxic' #parenting pandemic: 'By limiting children’s exposure to danger ... we are limiting their ability to mature, develop resilience + independence" @Celina_Ribeiro_ @guardian via @gail_gauthier

#FacialRecognition Tech Comes to Schools + Summer Camps - @juliejargon @WSJ | As a parent, I intend to steer clear of this for as long as possible, though it's probably inevitable

Schools and Libraries

How Attendance Awards (at least for older kids) Backfire | @UKnowHGSE @leahjshafer | Awards intended to motivate can do the opposite | #ExtrinsicMotivation

#EducationPolicy Helped These States Beat the Socioeconomic Curve. @MichaelPetrilli @EducationNext posits that national trends in test scores are driven mostly by economics, but some states transcend that via policies

How Might We Remove the “Floaties” & Give Students “Goggles” Instead? This is, how can #teachers set conditions for students to push themselves forward? #TeacherMom @HonorsGradU


Using #Play to Teach #Math | | @MatthewOldridge @edutopia via @drdouggreen | #Flow #GuidedPlay #STEM

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