Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: August 23: #BackToSchool Books + Advice for Nurturing #JoyOfLearning
Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: September 6: All About #ScreenTime, #Play + #MentalHealth

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: August 30: #JoyOfReading, #SchoolLibrarians + Happy Labor Day Weekend

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics for this light week include #Audiobooks, #ChildDevelopment, #HigherEd, #JoyOfReading, #literacy, #MentalHealth, #SchoolLibrarians, #SocialMedia, magic, parenting, publishing, and schools. Wishing those of you in the U.S. a relaxing Labor Day weekend. 

Top Tweet of the Week

Depressing @latimes Op-Ed from #HighSchool teacher: My students don't read any more. Why? "Reading books has been sacrificed to the tyranny of texting and the dizzying array of #SocialMedia platforms." #JoyOfReading

Growing Bookworms

101MagicTricks#NoSummerSlide Week 13 @TheReadingTub – Abracadabra It’s Magical | #science + #literacy concepts behind #magic

Higher Ed

Facing Criticism, College Board Drops Plans for #SAT Student Adversity Scores - @dougbelkin @WSJ | There will still be new metrics to track social + economic backgrounds, but no one index

To help first generation college students succeed, schools enlist parents @hechingerreport via @MindShiftKQED | #HigherEd

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Book Publishers Sue Amazon’s @audible_com to Block Coming #Audiobook Captioning Service - @JeffreyT1 @WSJ #Publishing

BestFriendsMy daughter will not be heard from for a while. Our pre-order of BEST FRIENDS arrived | Thank you @haleshannon + LeUyen Pham + @01FirstSecond + all who make #GraphicNovels for helping give my child the #JoyOfReading [No link, but I thought book-lovers would appreciate it anyway.]

Parenting, Child Development + Play

Study Finds Kids w/ An Older Brother Have Poorer Language Skills Than Those w/ A Big Sister – @ResearchDigest @mattbwarren #ChildDevelopment

How Can Parents + #Schools Help Kids w/ Anxiety? | @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED #MentalHealth #Parenting

Youth Sports Have Gotten Too Crazy. They (Meaning Parents) Should Relax - @jasongay @WSJ

Schools and Libraries

Decline in #SchoolLibrarians leaves students without information guides just as they need help w/ web-based info @Cate_M_May @dhnews

Today's @WSJ reports Parents Face a Growing Barrage of Fees (for books, registration, libraries, etc.) as Students Head Back to Public #School. Have you seen this? @Tawnell

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