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#BookwormMoments: Seeking a Book that "Calls Out to Me"

BetterYouThanMeThis morning I found my daughter in my office, perusing the stacks of books. She said: "I'm looking for a big book that kinda calls out to me. Something like Better You Than Me or Snow and Rose." [Two titles that she had previously pulled from the stack and enjoyed, and that were both more challenging than her usual fare.] I pulled a few things from  the stacks, but they apparently did not call out to her. We had to head out and that desire was not met for today. 

Clearly we are in need of a visit to the library, where the books are much better organized.

But isn't that what we're all after as readers? That book that just calls out to us to be read. It was a tiny moment in our day, but it made me  happy. 

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