Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: August 30: #JoyOfReading, #SchoolLibrarians + Happy Labor Day Weekend
Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: September 13: Growing Bookworms, Academic Retention, Reading Logs + More

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: September 6: All About #ScreenTime, #Play + #MentalHealth

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this relatively light week include #CharterSchools, #EdTech, #HigherEd, #homework, #literacy, #MentalHealth, #NoSummerSlide, #parenting, #play, #ReadAloud, #ScreenTime and #SocialMedia.

Growing Bookworms

#NoSummerSlide Week 14 – Wow! What a Summer | Using a recap of summer highlights to practice + model #literacy skills from @TheReadingTub

Higher Ed

‘Father Is Surgeon,’ ‘1 Mil Pledge’: The Role of Money in USC Admissions - Defense in #HigherEd admission scandal is that USC took money into account anyway @jenniferlevitz @melissakorn @WSJ

Parenting + Play

Three Things Overscheduled Kids Need More of in Their Lives: playtime, downtime, family time by @dfkris @MindShiftKQED, citing Denise Pope @StanfordEd | Also choice over extracurriculars

Schools and Libraries

OtherHalfLearnsRobert Pondiscio Just Wrote a Book About Success Academy #CharterSchools. It Does Not Support Either Preferred Narrative, but captures a central conflict of the debate | @The74

#BackToSchool Planning + #Homework Tips for a Great Year from @TheReadingTub | #checklists, study habits + #play

Join #SchoolLibrarian @100scopenotes in his Quest for the Best #ReadAloud Chair

#Literacy: The Forgotten Social Justice Issue - @MsJasmineMN @ProjForeverFree | "we can not fully proclaim that Black Lives Matter until Black literacy does" + we need to raise the bar in teaching #Reading

Screen Time + Mental Health

Schools Pushed for #EdTech in Every Classroom. Now Parents Are Pushing Back, asking for return of print books + pencils | @BetsyMorris2 + @Tawnell @WSJ discuss in-depth #ScreenTime

Kids' Phones Buzz in Class—With Texts From Mom and Dad - @juliejargon @WSJ | #ScreenTime #Parenting

IGenThe Scientific Debate Over Teens, #ScreenTime And #MentalHealth | @anya1anya @MindShiftKQED talks w/ @jean_twenge @OrbenAmy + @epi_kerrykeyes for range of views

A response to the above piece from @Jean_Twenge: My response to the inaccuracies in this article, with graphs:

That response led to a revision and correction of the original article, shared by @epi_kerrykeyes:

Meanwhile, a new study says kids' lack of sleep is ‘more harmful to #MentalHealth than #SocialMedia use’ | @NicolaKSDavis @guardian via @MindShiftKQED

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