Growing Bookworms Newsletter: October 15: #BookwormMoments, #ReadingLevels + #ReadingChoice
Links I Shared on Twitter Recently: Halloween #BookList Edition (w/ some other fun links saved over the past 2 weeks)

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: October 18: Defending #GraphicNovels, Pushing Back on Helicopter Parenting + Cell Phones

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include  #AI, #BookFair, #BrainDevelopment, #EarlyChildhoodEd, #EducationResearch, #GraphicNovels, #HigherEd, #Homework, #JoyOfReading, #LoveOfBooks, #ReadingIdentity, #ScreenTime, libraries, parenting, teaching, testing, and writing.

Top Tweet of the Week

GutsIn Defense of #GraphicNovels and Those Who Read Them by @LieslShurtliff @nerdybookclub | Research shows they challenge readers. Even if they didn't, shaming any child over #ReadingChoices is "a death sentence" to #LoveOfReading

Book Lists

#BookHooks: @TheReadingTub recommends #EasyReader Series "that will have your reader-to-be giggling" + asking for more

50 Upper Middle Grade Books for ages 11-15 | #BookList from @momandkiddo covering the type of books a friend was just looking for. More mature, but not "YA mature" #kidlit

Events, Programs + Research

It’s Time for the #BookFair for Ballou High #SchoolLibrary | @chasingray  @BallouLibrary #BookAccess

Thoughts from @DTWillingham on Who to Believe on Twitter re #literacy + #EducationResearch | Impact of lack of credentials, different views on core truths + people not sharing assumptions matter

Babies As the Ultimate Learning Machines. The future of #AI depends on #computers learning as resourcefully as babies do @AlisonGopnik @WSJ

Nobel Prize in Economics Awarded for Work on Poverty - Tell your children that the 2nd woman ever to win the #NobelPrize for #Economics is also the youngest recipient

Growing Bookworms

The growing of a Reader | Wendie Old on how she became a #ChildrensLibrarian after a short-sighted volunteer refused to let her check out books she wanted to read b/c of her grade level #JoyOfReading

Using #ReadingNotebook Covers for Reflection and Goal Setting | Looks like a good way to reinforce #ReadingIdentity | @ClareLandrigan + @TammyBMulligan @ChoiceLiteracy

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

#Nonfiction #PictureBook Challenge: No apologizing for Nonfiction — Kit Lit Frenzy | | w/ shoutout to some recent nonfiction #GraphicNovels

The Importance of Books, a message from @VanessaHarbour to writers (esp. those #writing #YA) to keep it up @AwfullyBigBlog | escape, support, understanding + more

Betsy Doesn’t Have Time for Your Nostalgia Today — @fuseeight takes on "any adult who starts publicly mourning the state of children's literature in 2019" #kidlit

Parenting, Play + Screen Time

#BrainTraining apps don't work, so why are we obsessed with them? | They "might not boost your #MentalFitness and just make you better at playing games" but it's ok to just enjoy them @SabrinaMWeiss @WiredUK

Do You Teach #EarlyChildhood Ages (as a parent or a #teacher)? This List of Tips, culled from personal experience, Is For You – @HonorsGradU | "Water #play is the cleanest play"

THIS! #HelicopterParenting + bulldozer #parenting are bad for everyone — including parents @MeaganFrancis @NBCNewsTHINK @jesslahey

Schools and Libraries

School completely bans mobile phones. Teachers say kids' behaviour changes - | @WalesOnline via @drdouggreen | More classroom + social engagement, higher test scores. #ScreenTime

This teacher won’t use #textbooks. His students succeed despite that — or maybe because of it. - @washingtonpost via @MindShiftKQED #CognitivePsychology #learning

Is #Homework Valuable? Depends on the Grade. #Teachers Share Their Approaches | @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED | #parenting

College Students Don’t Want Fancy Libraries - @aliaemily @TheAtlantic | Digital natives still want real #libraries w/ physical books | #HigherEd

Testing + Higher Ed

Record number of colleges stop requiring the SAT and ACT amid questions of fairness | @atugend @hechingerreport @NewsHour #HigherEd #testing

College admissions officers rank prospective students based on web browsing, family finances and other data - @washingtonpost @dmac1  @wpnick #HigherEd #privacy

What will it take to make headway on student achievement? | @LDH_ed @EdSource on recent CA #testing results showing painfully slow progress + persistent equity gaps

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