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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: October 4: On Encouraging #LoveOfReading + Hard Work in Kids

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookLists, #Bullying, #coding, #eBooks, #GrowingBookworms, #LoveOfBooks, #MentalHealth, #ReadAloud, #ScreenTime, #testing, parenting, publishing, and  hard work. 

Book Lists

11 Best Books for 6-Year-Olds | "the best books for any 6-year-old are the ones they love the most — no matter how silly the story may seem" ow.ly/hYXP30pCpAs | @strategist via @CynLeitichSmith

Chapter Book #ReadAlouds for 1st Graders – excellent #BookList from @literacious ow.ly/7m7x30pCq3G | Please keep sharing books w/ your kids, parents, even if they can read themselves

Books About #Bullying for Kids, new #BookList from @growingbbb ow.ly/7LIo30pEc2M #PictureBooks #MiddleGrade

Latinx and Hispanic #MiddleGrade Books by #OwnVoices Authors, new #BookList from @momandkiddo ow.ly/vN4D30pDNkv #DiverseBooks

Growing Bookworms

Should You Read to Older Children? Why I Read My Tween Bedtime Stories – @SheKnows ow.ly/ThMw30pEBLM | I love that this mom + her 12 y.o. daughter still read #PictureBooks together

Hook them on Reading with Book Series ow.ly/PlVQ30pEZNp | Series satisfy our inner need for serial stories + provide the comfort of familiarity for kids, says @TheReadingTub  | #JoyOfReading

Parents play a key role in fostering children's #LoveOfReading | "Continue to read to your child" + more | ow.ly/B90q30pCpWn | @medical_xpress @ConversationUS @tashrow

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

How Do Kids Learn to Read? What the Science Says + why systematic, explicit #phonics instruction is important ow.ly/hCI930pF01g@educationweek via @JGCanada #ReadingInstruction

Strange Bookmarks: An Overview — funny post (if somewhat disturbing for #BookLovers) @100scopenotes ow.ly/Fgsr30pDNmb

Why This Librarian Is Using Twitter To Fight Changes To Library #Ebook Pricing Terms ow.ly/5eRq30pCpTi @kidsilkhaze @Forbes #publishing

Children's books are tackling dark and taboo topics. AU author Morris Gleitzman says that's nothing to be afraid of - @abcnews via @tashrow ow.ly/HgIi30pCpIB | #kidlit #censorship

Parenting, Play + Screen Time

#School Doesn't Have to Be Fun All the Time, Hard Work Benefits Kids, even if it doesn't always pay off | Good stuff from @kagmoran @WeAreTeachers ow.ly/m5S530pDNlt #Failure

More good advice: Do You Think Your Child is Being Lazy with Their Schoolwork? How to tell + how to help them overcome it ow.ly/Ewch30pDNo1 | "Working hard is transferable" says @MarlaSzwast

Not all #ScreenTime causes kids to underperform in school, study says. Only the time spent watching TV + playing #VideoGames mattered. But kids spend a lot of time on those ow.ly/hpi430pEbQx @CTVNews @drdouggreen

Students in high-achieving schools are now named an “at-risk” group because of impact of chronic stress on health + well-being ow.ly/Lh9930pDN95 @washingtonpost #MentalHealth #parenting


Teen Hackers Try to Convince Parents They Are Up to Good - @juliejargon @WSJ ow.ly/ac7230pEBQn | #Coding #STEM | "Hacking club" apparently sounds cooler than "coding club"

Why Girls’ Superior #Reading Skills May Be Lowering Their Future Salaries – @ResearchDigest ow.ly/bnUU30pF05t | Girls who are good at #math tend to be even better at #reading + to focus on that instead of #STEM fields


Support Builds For Making the #SAT Untimed For Everyone: A possible solution to the "Gaming the System" problem @gtoppo @EducationNext ow.ly/jH5H30pEccR #testing #VarsityBlues #EducationalEquity

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