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Links I Shared on Twitter Recently: November 8: Productive Struggle, Female Toy Soldiers + Girls in STEM

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. I am finally digging out a bit from work, and I managed to find a ton of great stuff this week. Topics include: #AbilityGroups, #BookHooks, #BookLists, #BrainDevelopment, #DiverseBooks, #GrowthMindset, #Homeschool, #LoveOfReading, #PajamaDrive, #ProductiveStruggle, #ReadAloud, #ReadingChoice, #ReadYourWorld, #SchoolLibraries, #ScreenTime, #SketchNoting, #STEM, diversity, gender, kindness, parenting, reading, and testing. Happy reading!

Top Tweet of the Week

The Power of #ProductiveStruggle for kids' learning – Great read for #teachers + #parents from @katiemartinedu citing @joboaler's #LimitlessMind (which I read this weekend) https://t.co/TSQlsN2X1Z?amp=1

Book Lists

Gallery: @nytimes Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2019 — @100scopenotes ow.ly/UXZ130pPBw7 | #PictureBooks #Illustration #BookLists

Diversity + Gender

A 6-Year-Old Asks Why There Are No Female Toy Soldiers. Now, There Will Be. @mihirzaveri @nytimes ow.ly/jYAR30pPB9E | My favorite part of this story is that the child complained, her mom had her write letters + change was sparked

How the #GenderGap in #STEM Might Get its Start in Elementary School | Study finds girls w/ same scores as boys less likely to be nominated for advanced #math program @matt_barnum @Chalkbeat https://t.co/ZnGBOVMZVY?amp=1

Events, Programs + Research

Early announcement from @gail_gauthier | Multi-Cultural Children's Book Day is Jan. 31, 2020 ow.ly/4pMc30pPOX9 @MCChildsBookDay #ReadYourWorld #DiverseBooks

If any #teachers out there are looking for a holiday giving program for classrooms, the @Scholastic #PajamaDrive looks super kid-friendly. Have your kids donate new cozy PJs + Scholastic will donate a kids' book for each ow.ly/JO6M30pQDNE

Press Release Fun: @scbwi's 3rd Annual #Literacy Initiative Gives Books to Readers in Need — @FuseEight ow.ly/LGo630pPmEh #BookDonation #BookAccess

Growing Bookworms

Great post from @pernilleripp about Questions to Ask When the Kids Aren’t #Reading (the serial abandoners #teachers all know) ow.ly/Zlpv30pP5Ng | #ReadingChoice #ReadingIdentity + lots more

Interview w/ a #Reading Specialist @GuessingGeisel via @TheReadingTub ow.ly/CeUH30pQDoA | It's challenging to teach when kids haven't been #ReadAloud to at home + "come in with limited vocabulary, limited sense of story"

Here's the latest @TheReadingTub #BookHooks: #YoungAdult Book Series ideas w/ feedback from teen reviews on #Audiobook versions ow.ly/ikHy30pQDRl

Rekindle or Reaffirm Students’ #LoveOfReading with How to Read a Book by @kwamealexander + Melissa Sweet ow.ly/6egH30pPOY5 @kegancunningham #ClassroomBookshelf

We Make the Time – @pernilleripp on how as a busy parent + teacher she doesn't "find" time to read, she makes it b/c how else can she show kids that she values #reading https://t.co/HQTJjAedck?amp=1

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Why the books we read as children are the ones that shape our psyche | #Rereading, intense discovery, joyous inhibition + more ow.ly/6lkM30pPPye | I love this piece by @Gwendolyn_Smith @guardianweekend

Interesting #kidlit #publishing news: ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ Author #EricCarle, at age 90, Sells Company to @randomhousekids https://t.co/seYzqdiMa0?amp=1

Parenting, Play + Screen Time

Stop Trying to Raise Kids to be "Successful" and raise them to be kind instead @AdamMGrant @TheAtlantic ow.ly/yWdB30pPBP1 "81 percent (of kids) say their parents value achievement and happiness over caring" for others

This needs more research, but in a recent study, MRIs show > an hour of #ScreenTime w/out parental interaction was linked to lower #BrainDevelopment in preschoolers - ow.ly/WDuk30pQDVV @cnnhealth

#Genetics and #Intelligence for your #Homeschool ow.ly/ldio30pPBkH | Don't label your kids as slow learners or as gifted, says @MarlaSzwast, give them the enriched environments they need to learn better [You would like #LimitlessMind by @joboaler, Marla]

It's A Smartphone Life: More Than Half Of U.S. Children Now Have One by Age 11 (+ 84% of teens) | @anya1anya @MindShiftKQED ow.ly/NCqi30pPmom #ScreenTime | Maybe so but I'm still making my kid wait longer

Schools and Libraries

Why Teachers Are So Excited About the Power Of #Sketchnoting (it boosts #VisualThinking + #memory) | @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED ow.ly/XMCY30pQ25q | Bet Derek from #MyLifeSeries would like this, @JanetTashjian

Smart idea for teachers from @Catlin_Tucker | Record Video Directions for things you end up explaining over and over again | Save your time, give kids control over their learning. Plus kids love video https://t.co/jut9LfGb6M?amp=1

OPINION: Separating 'gifted' children via #tracking + #AbilityGroups hasn't led to better achievement ow.ly/JMId30pQ1WN @joboaler @hechingerreport | Recent #NAEP results showed US schools using #ReadingGroups more tended to have lower scores

The Extinction of #SchoolLibrarians – Like @literacious, I wish that every school had a qualified #Librarian. I know we value the one in my daughter's school + I still think fondly of the one from my childhood, Mrs. Tuttle https://t.co/ySa2em4BJ8?amp=1

Chicago Libraries’ Late Fee Elimination Sparks A 240% Boost In Book Returns ow.ly/rt9I30pQQBl @Forbes via @donalynbooks | #BookAccess #libraries


Neat! For The First Time In History, Girls Won All Five Top Prizes at the Broadcom MASTERS #STEM Competition for Middle Schoolers | @amightygirl ow.ly/m2vq30pQ1R6 #brcmMASTERS @Broadcom


#Reading scores drop in California, most states in much-watched national test | @jfenster + @BayAreaData @EdSource ow.ly/LD5I30pPmnp #NAEP #testing

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