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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: December 14: Stop Glorifying Busy + #ReadAloud Some #Christmas #PictureBooks Instead

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #Audiobooks, #BookLists, #ClassroomLibraries, #DiverseBooks, #FreePlay, #Homework, #JoyOfReading, #LearningStyles, #Math, #ReadAloud, #ScreenTime, #STEM, education, parenting, research, and schools.

Top Tweets of the Week

Build Your Stack: Four Ways Can Build a Community of Readers through | ,

This is encouraging: When doctors say ‘read to your toddler,’ new parents listen

Book Lists

SantaBruceA Round-Up from | Includes my new favorite

Here's a nice collection of for your Joy from , , suggestions + more

I especially liked this entry in the 31 Days, 31 Lists: 2018 Books for Kids

Diverse Fantasy Books, a new from | , , + strong princesses

Events, Programs + Research

Mindset2018 Research Highlights | | + more

Aren't a Reliable Way to Categorize , Study Says - |  [See also An additional reason to abandon learning styles -- teachers and pupils do not agree on the pupils' learning style from BPS Research Digest]

Changes Structure of Kids' Brains say early results from study | | "daily screen usage of more than 7 hours showed premature thinning of the brain cortex"

Another Study Finds Eliciting Explanations From Is More Effective Than Telling Them |

Later Start Times In Seattle Results In Improved , Better – And More Sleep | links to recent results https://t.co/tgmeToHrd1

Growing Bookworms

WizardsOfOnceGreat advice here: If we want our children to thrive, teaching them to read is not enough – they must learn to enjoy it |

What’s New | Links to useful resources like tools, a channel w/ stories + more

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Is Listening to a Book the Same Thing as Reading It? Each is suited to different purposes says |

Parenting + Play

I didn't even have to click through to know that My Favorite “Learning” Toys in our House from would NOT feature

FreeRangeKidsDon't Let Your Kid Get Straight A's on recent piece | "Kids need free, unstructured time to discover what they find intrinsically -- extraordinarily -- motivating."

Schools and Libraries

"For 25 Years I was a Pro-Homework Teacher" - Tim Bedley, co-founder of shares his revised take on

Great stuff in this post from | 9 Assumptions to Scrutinize | I agree with Mary that kids WILL work at home w/out official assignments. Mine will anyway.

Down With , Say U.S. School Districts | "The goal of the changes is to give students more time to read, sleep and spend time with family" | I wish our elementary did this

Self Improvement + Motivation

Timely for the season: Stop Glorifying Busy. Start embracing care—for yourself and for the world around you. via (w/ graphic showing 50 ways to take a break) https://t.co/8BdMEDaXg1

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: December 7: #Hanukkah Books, #28DaysLater, #SchoolLibrarians + #RoaldDahl

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this relatively light week include #BookDonation, #BookLists, #BrownBookshelf, #Curiosity, #DiverseBooks, #GenderGap, #GiftGuides, #GrowingBookworms, #Introversion, #parenting, #play, #ReadAloud, #RoaldDahl, #SchoolLibrarians, #ScienceLiteracy, #ViewpointDiversity, #writing, communication, schools, and teaching.

Top Tweet of the Week

Charities That Give Books + Promote , a list from

See also The 2018 Bookish Charitable Giving Guide | + lots more

Book Lists + Gift Guides

AllofaKindFamilyHanukkahA from

21 Diverse Contemporary Books for Kids Ages 8-13, new from |

Some fun ideas in for Young from https://t.co/mXy539Fo0R

Events, Programs + Research

28dayslogo28 Days Later Call for Nominations | is looking for under-the-radar + vanguard Black creators to profile during

Installs Vending Machine That Dispenses Free to Kids Who Read | | Using for behavior, but at least the rewards are books

Fascinating: Why Smart People Are Vulnerable to Putting Before Truth. is important, but w/out parallel trait of "science curiosity," can lead to increased |

Harvard study: Children who start school early more likely to get diagnosis — even if they don’t have it - https://t.co/XmIxuuJz5r

Growing Bookworms

RollerGirlsThe Difference a Can Make, According to a Parent | | Nurturing + providing great books

10 Times When a Book Is a Better Gift Than a Toy | |


As an , I so agree w/ this piece about replacing boring small talk w/ authentic discussion | 11 Questions Interesting People Always Ask to Spark Great | | via

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

The In Children's Books Is The Real Monster In The Room | via

gives her students permission to write "bad" , thus taking away the fear / pressure https://t.co/q9IaywgyDt

CharlieAndTheChocolateNetflix to adapt classics to small screen - Deal includes animated versions of Charlie + the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, BFG and lots more (up to 16 titles)

Parenting + Play

Should Parents Eat Lunch With Their Children at ? | I wouldn't. I wonder what thinks

Obvious but still good to see: "Pediatricians say that old-fashioned toys are better for small children than high-tech gadgets, says a new report" from |

Your Love is an Essential Ingredient to Your Child’s

Schools and Libraries

Authentic "Student Voice" Includes Skills via | need to teach how to use

This is very sad: Louisiana Made Headlines for Sending Black Kids to Elite Colleges. Here’s the Reality. + |

This is encouraging: Learn to Put the 'Civil' in - via

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: November 30: #ReadingAloud, Teaching #Writing + Encouraging #Play

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter over the past two weeks @JensBookPage. Topics in this edition include #BookLists, #Bookstores, #drawing, #Giftedness, #grading, #GrowingBookworms, #introversion, #memory, #parenting, #PersonalizedLearning, #play, #reading, #STEM, #StudentChoice, blogging, libraries, schools, and writing.

Top Tweet of the Week

This is simply depressing, and the exact opposite of what I think should be about (kids playing w/ as little parental intervention as possible, so they can practice negotiating, etc. (and have fun!) [My response/RT to Parents article about how parents should supervise heavily during playdates + responses from @FreeRangKids and @JonHaidt]

Book Lists

ChristmasQuietBookTimeless Children's You Will Read Year After Year, from

Proven Books for a 13 year old boy: Teen-tested Top Favorites from

Events, Programs + Research

Update on Online Book Fair for Ballou HS & Charles Hart MS in DC from

The act of something has a “massive” benefit for compared with writing it down –

New Meta-Analysis Finds That Improves Our “Social Ability” | | While benefits shown in study were small, cumulative effects may be larger over time

The number of public students could fall by more than 8% in a decade due to declining births + immigration - reports https://t.co/GCVJb8gQpx

Another research paper reports that Black Improve Outcomes for Black Students | via

Teens' Habits and Experiences | New survey of U.S. teens finds that many young people acknowledge the unique challenges – and benefits – of growing up in the digital age https://t.co/u5XEMTeHEK

Growing Bookworms

EscapeFromLemoncello5 Reasons Why w/ Older Kids Is the Absolute Best | | I agree. Reading w/ my daughter has been a great joy!

How to Encourage a Love of Books and in | |

shares how she learned to love and value via

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

PassionateReadersOn : "in our eagerness to make sure that students can write well, are we extinguishing their very urge to write?" asks | Not my daughter's teacher. She strives to inspire, too.

'I felt terrible': why are blamed when their child doesn't learn to read just from parent . Some kids need more explicit instruction, especially those w/ difficulties

Small are booming after nearly being wiped out -

For , "sharing our work and our reflections in a public space (by ) is one of the best ways to express for others" says https://t.co/F5jej9rEmC

This post from w/ 70+ places to publish + is the Most Important Resource You’ll Find This Month says https://t.co/vzvc6Bz0SU

Parenting + Play

ImportanceOfBeingLittle5 Tips for Raising Children With Active Imaginations by | | Ask open-ended questions + encourage "simple-but-complex"

in is Efficient b/c kids develop multiple skills at once |

Your child is identified as ! Now what? Tips for next steps, liking learning about local resources, from

Kind of sad that this needed, but still a fun idea: Host a MeetUp: Chat While Kids Go Off and ! -

Our brains benefit from . Here’s why, and how parents can help get plenty of it.

Schools and Libraries

Breaking the age barrier in K12 | Combining multiple grades in one classroom improves + , says article in https://t.co/p7U1kxoKCS

Where Will Lead responds to recent article

ArtOfScreenTimeThe Future Of ? Well, It's Personal : takes a detailed look at 2 approaches to , from plusses to developing backlash

What Giving Students Choice Looks Like in the Classroom | | 11 ways that can offer in

A Report on Reports + the difference that it can make when a responds to the specific needs of a young |

Why Matters to | It builds ownership + lots more |

A Strategy That Puts the Focus on From |

This post from made me smile: An Exhaustive List of My Pathetic Injuries | Ah, the challenging life of the elementary

FourTendenciesWhy the is a Rebel’s Best Friend by |

Reflection on from LBurkins | "My classroom library was built and will be curated from the vast identities of children who have entered through the doors of our classroom."

As an undergrad major, I appreciated this post by about a spectacular new in China, profiled in a CE magazine

Where in the world are most respected? Not in the U.S., a new survey shows, but in China + Malaysia they are seen on par w/ doctors. https://t.co/aZbt1mC7oO


CA take on with the help of college students | |

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: November 16: Streamlining #SocialMedia, Encouraging #Play + Keeping #Learning Personal

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #curiosity, #Diversity, #GrowingBookworms, #GrowthMindset, #HigherEd, #Homework, #homework, #JoyOfReading, #kidlit, #PersonalizedLearning, #play, #ReadingLogs, #ScreenTime, parenting, schools, and teaching.

Informational Tweet

FYI for anyone interested, I am trying to streamline my online life. I deactivated my Facebook page and my + Twitter accounts. I'll continue sharing things @JensBookPage and on my personal Facebook account.

Book Lists

BeaversBetter Together: Funny Pairings in 2018 Books for Kids —


The Importance Of | Study: black students who have 1-2 black teachers in elementary are more likely to enroll in

Why Bright Girls Struggle: When Ability Doesn't Lead to Confidence | | they pick up after being praised as "good students" vs. developing

Growing Bookworms

8thGradeSuperzeroExpert Tips for Keeping Busy Kids Connected to Books | | I especially liked quoted motto on kids' selection “Nothing without joy!”

7 Ways for to Communicate Caring About At-Home – w/out | lists, + more |

Seattle high-school teacher shares ‘the wonder of books’ with students on a different kind of field trip |

Higher Ed

Studious friends and roommates might lead to higher grades in -

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Evangelinecoverlarge1Introducing new website dedicated to Spooky books via

Six Reasons to Read from | , + (one I love) modeling to your kids |

Thoughts on the value of having Time to Think, and how difficult it can be to carve out from

Parenting + Play

IrresistibleThe sneaky science behind your child’s tech obsession w/ concrete tips for fighting back - |

The Mad Rush to is Killing Our Children’s Entrepreneurial Spirit | They spend so much time on extracurriculars + studying that they don't have time to by https://t.co/QrKkw2j85H

Reasons Your Kids Need to Move More and How to Fit It In Your Day – If you want your kids to be smart, teach them to jump rope, depends on movement

Schools and Libraries

FutureDriven7 Unexpected Benefits of by + more

Homework: Too Much Too Early? | If you ask me any in K is too much

Brooklyn students hold walkout in protest of Facebook-designed online program, saying it forces them to stare at computers for hours and “teach ourselves.” via

Why Does Sometimes Feel Impersonal? Platforms can detach students from the personal relationships w/ + peers that are critical to

InnovatorsMindset4 Skills and Traits Great Teach That Will Always be Essential – | Hard work, + more

6 Questions that Promote Agency –

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: November 9: Picky #Readers, #Thanksgiving #MadLibs + Better School Attendance

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this relatively light week include #BookLists, #Bullying, #CivilDiscourse, #GrowingBookworms, #JoyOfLearning, #PictureBooks, #Play, #reading, #ReadingAloud, #ReadingLogs, class size, literacy, parenting, schools, and teaching.

Book Lists + Awards

DragonsLoveTacos210 children's books I really, really love reading to my kids | via |

Best Books for 7 Year Olds According to a 7 Year Old | from | + tips for focusing on

Cybils Season, or how serving kids can benefit from the selections, which blend "high literary merit and kid appeal" from

Growing Bookworms

GeorgesMedicineThe | Why to your class should happen in every , w/ tips for doing it well) from

What to do with picky . Tips for from , ranging from to to | |

Great read for + : Let’s Talk About Again by "My biggest issue with reading logs comes from the inherent lack of trust that they communicate" |

In Which the 8 Year-Old Questions My Ethics | responds to 's recent post. It's all about nurturing  https://t.co/7eaqHxI6vt

and the by Dawn Finch | What works best as ?


Tidbits in this week's Fusenews range from to to the "Golden Ratio of Sexism in Children's Literature"

Parenting, Play + #JoyOfLearning

ThanksgivingMadLibs Activity Ideas that Keep Kids (and Grown-ups) Off Screens from |

7 Strategies to Keep The Boring Out and Get Kids Interested in | written for but could apply to any nurturing

What the Times got wrong about kids and phones - via

Schools and Libraries

On and the of | "We need to weigh evidence consistently—treating as the same those studies that challenge our deepest beliefs as well as those that are wind beneath our wings"

Despite popularity w/ + , review of research finds small benefits to small classes -

Methods for Nudging and Families to Better - |

BlackthornKey4A Rant from on Series Books + the shelf space that long series can take up

7 ways to teach to by Tiffany Mitchell Patterson via |

By Doing: Using the Arts to Enhance and Stop | Guest post by

Another Study Finds What Every Knows – Having Students Draw Pictures Helps Them Learn |  https://t.co/KSpuYOqqyQ

How Can Support Equity and Excellence - rejecting models that effectively keep below grade level kids from moving forward | + Rebecca Kockler  https://t.co/yFoi6hPU4h

7 Poor Thinking Habits We Must Fix to Think More Critically by + more | via

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: November 2: #ReadingAloud, #Kindness, #IntrinsicMotivation + #Reading Instruction

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this fairly busy week include #BookLists, #Giftedness, #GrowingBookworms, #IntrinsicMotivation, #KidLitCon, #Literacy, #LoveOfReading, #ReadAloud, #rewards, #ScreenTime, #testing, #vaccines, bullying, reading #Phonics, schools, spelling, and writing.

Top Tweets of the Week

HeyKiddoWhat’s appropriate for kids to read? There’s value in exposing them to the tough stuff, says | I will want my daughter to read when she's 12 or so (though not quite yet)

The Importance of to Kids: or, Do Kids Grow Out of Read-Aloud Time? No, says mom | "the most important value that reading aloud offers is its connection"

Book Lists

: What Would You Include If Someone Asked for a Quick List of Recent Titles Starring Black Kids? — has suggestions in various genres

TenNineEightBest + to Give as Gifts That Kids Don't Already Have, according to

RA RA Read: for the absolute beginner, resource list from organizer Jennifer Wharton

Seven Scary Books, Perfect October from

Educational Equity + Screen Time

Offline and Underserved: New Study Shows Most Affects Already Likely to Fall Behind | |

This is exactly what I would have expected - it takes a lot of bandwidth to keep your kids off of screens. RT: @Jean_Twenge The new digital divide: The most vulnerable kids are spending more time with screens. https://t.co/aRMmeL5uIA


Is my Child ? You'll need more than test results to tell. shares 10 things can teach about

Growing Bookworms

ReadWriteLeadBuilding a Literate Community | share's her school's journey to "encourage the both in our staff and in our students" | I wish all did this | via

A fun idea from | The Rainy Day Bookshelf (keep a special set of books and supplies handy for rain/snow/bored days)

"if we are going to model and share (w/ ) what real do, then we need to be transparent and a little more honest about our own lives" + set more realistic targets for kids  https://t.co/ocjg1qh34V

Jeff Kinney | ‘Let children read anything; I’ll never say no to a book’ | Showing kids that is FUN


: Part 2 Getting Your Book Into the Hands of Kids | This Panel on perspectives is definitely up my alley |

Kindness / Positivity

InnovatorsMindsetStarting With Positive Assumptions – If start by assuming positive intent, positive action is more likely to result

How a is improving my life by | “When we see other people around us acting in generous or kind or empathic ways, we will be more inclined to act that way ourselves,” - via

7 ways can teach girls to build one another up, instead of tearing one another down |

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

A Helpful Guide to Better | Links to resources on choosing what to read, tracking book recommendations, taking notes, etc. https://t.co/EZsY5ylawc

Starting 11/1 - Become a : 30 Days to a Habit | will be encouraging readers to by bringing books everywhere + following her prompts https://t.co/v3iT2VVBKd

Parenting, Play + Motivation

GiftOfFailureThis is good advice: Park the helicopter, parents. Here’s how (and why) to teach kids to be self-advocates. |

Intentionally Cultivating Abundant, | I so agree that "Leaving a child to their own devices still actually does involve quite a lot of effort on our part"

Confirms It: People Are Not Pets. Research on the efficacy of rewards tells us that we can’t bribe others (including ) into doing what we want.

Parents + , wondering how to implement the Rx for kids to get more ? The seems like a good option |

Schools and Libraries

PassionateReaders"When year after year tell us loudly that they cannot be great because of how they spell, then ... (we need) to examine what message we are giving students."

Just . "There should always be a time to just read aloud (in the ). Every day." A reminder from

10 Ideas for Creating a Strengths-Based Culture in | "People are more confident, passionate, and do better work when you focus on what’s right with them instead of what’s wrong with them."

RaisingKidsWhoReadOpinion | Why Are We Still Teaching the Wrong Way? - via |

Just how are we about ? thinks there may be a quieter majority who believe in basics AND / programs + that the wastes precious time

Research evidence on prevention at odds with what some are doing - severe punishments can exacerbate the problem | https://t.co/B2critiTY5

Schools: EdPolicy / Politics

Asking candidates the right questions about | |

Here’s what happened after California got rid of personal belief exemptions for childhood . "Dubious" medical exemptions increased + "can be had for a price". Sigh. via

In the News: NYC Knew Some in Its $773 Million Plan Were Doomed. They Kept Children in Them Anyway -

NC State study reinforces bleak view of results (or lack thereof) for state for 3rd graders | via

Sketching a Workable Way Forward on - + | "it’s possible to boost pay by 20%, pay terrific teachers six figures, leave class sizes stable, and do it w/ a measured, disciplined increase in revenue" https://t.co/uqc58J2pnC

In More High School Classes, the Is on a Screen. Facing a , some districts try


Is the real problem the test, not students? | Is working as we'd hoped? via

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: October 26: #LearningStyles, #ReadingLevels, and Multiple Truths

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this relatively light week include #ChildDevelopment, #Cybils, #GrowthMindset, #Habit, #HigherEd, #KidLitCon, #LearningStyles, #LittleFreeLibraries, #loneliness, #math, #MentalHealth, #play, #ReadingLevels, #STEM, #ViewpointDiversity, empowerment, parenting, and schools. 

Top Tweet of the Week

Theory: Widely Used, Yet Misunderstood | via | "when try to match to a perceived , the benefits are nonexistent"

Book Lists + Awards

FishAreNotAfraidThe Awards kick off their featured blogger reviews w/ nominee Fish Are Not Afraid of Doctors (Maud the Koala), reviewed by Round1 Judge

About the for Imaginative Children, a from https://t.co/AvlUH2HHTN

17 Fun and Educational Leaf Books for , a from

Space Books for Kids that Will Turn Them into Astronauts, from

Diversity + Gender

HungerGamesFemale + Characters Really Do Empower Young Girls, Study Finds (but more are needed) via

What Do We Do When Our Truths Aren't the Same? asks | She offers 5 excellent tips to help, such as "Listen More, Talk Less"

Events + Programs

Todd Bol, creator of the movement, dies at 62 | Here's someone who made a practical difference for

Growing Bookworms

I’m a Reader: 5 Ways You Already Model for Your Kids from

Kidlitosphere / KidLitCon

KIDLIT_con_poster_final_web_smReaching : Part 1 Getting Books to Kids 2019 Panel + more | + co-host |

Lots of interesting tidbits in today's Fusenews: We Would Have Also Accepted “Fast Food Fairies” —


Amid College Success Push, The U.S. Overlooks The Fact That One In Four Are - Allison Dulin Salisbury + https://t.co/BxG84urOLt

Parenting / Personal Growth

WhatIfEverybodyUnderstoodWhat If Professionals Pushed Back when asked to implement developmentally inappropriate practices?

In Defense of : What Will it Take to Get , , and to Follow the Doctor’s Orders? -

I agree 100% with that there's value in sometimes “Not Having a Choice” – Put things that you want to do regularly into a "no choice" category and do them

Yes, You Can Know What Skills Your Children Will Need In The Future – | + more |

Schools and Libraries

Understanding-Texts-and-ReadersWhat Are the Best Ways to Use ? | talks w/ author + shares common mistakes + ways to avoid them in the

How Can Preventive Skills to Help Kids Avoid or Cope w/ - via |

10 Tips for Maintaining Positive Behavior via | "Misbehavior is an opportunity to ", maintain relationships + lots more

+ Stress = An Occasional Personal Day? - thinks this can be a good idea to give overwhelmed kids a break + help them focus

: The New Project says low expectations in hurt kids by not challenging them or preparing them for  https://t.co/DPbxAGdf4P


What Does a Million Look Like? | An effort to help 3rd graders visualize large numbers turns into an ambitious project to build a model of a 1M

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: October 19: Halloween #PictureBooks, #DigitalReading + #RealFriends Sequel

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookLists, #CharterSchools, #DigitalReading, #EdPolicy, #GraphicNovels, #GrowthMindset, #Halloween, #Introversion, #JoyOfLearning, #JoyOfReading, #KidLitCon, #MentalHealth, #PictureBooks, #Retention, #SchoolFunding, #ScreenTime, #ShannonHale, libraries, parenting, and reading.

Top Tweets of the Week

KIDLIT_con_poster_final_web_smLook Who’s Coming to ! Some excellent additions to the attendee list. Talk w/ bloggers, authors, librarians + more March 22-23 2019 in Providence, RI https://t.co/HfX00RfHOj

Lunch Session: All About Multicultural Children’s Book Day , organized by + |

Book Lists + Awards

The Awards are now accepting 2018 / submissions |

PomegranteWitchBest (an Entirely Subjective ) from

Down to Earth Publications for |

Events, Programs + Research

for 2 Washington DC schools!!!!!!!! | urges people to help students at two high-poverty by purchasing their requested books:

Study: story-listening shows promise as an intervention for people living with – This certainly sounds reasonable to me! |

New Neighborhood Data on , Prisons, and Poverty | Kids growing up in neighborhoods w/ more single parent homes are less likely to move up economically + more likely to be incarcerated as adults

Growing Bookworms

Is There Anything More Powerful than a Child Choosing a Book? w/ suggestions for how we can all contribute to kids choosing to read https://t.co/7GJ07RHswK

Help from | Explanation of w/ tips for incorporating it into everyday activities |

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

BestFriendsMy 8 year old daughter is going to be over the moon at this news: 'Best Friends' Will Be The Sequel To & You Can Peep The Cover Here +

So What Do YOU Do With Found Time? Author + basks in the joys of

All Those You’ve Bought but Haven’t Read? There’s a Word for That - Kevin Mims

Why Many Are Drawn to (and Are Really Good at It) | "If you’re an introvert who loves writing, it’s probably in part because you get to work alone."

"Where is the balance ... between doing something purely for enjoyment + then extending the love of that thing to others in a professional way" | interesting thoughts on from


ConfidenceCodeThe for Girls: 5 Tips for of Tween and Teen Girls. Between the ages of 8 and 14, girls’ confidence levels fall by 30 percent. , ,

doesn’t only apply to – study finds it’s better to encourage children to help, than to be “a helper” –

These Are The Skills That Your Kids Will Need For The Future (Hint: It's Not ) |

Why You Should Like a via | make interesting items available, then "simply stand back" + let them

Schools and Libraries

Retired : “Stop Taking The Joy Out Of School” – | My favorite "stop treating small kids like big kids" + "let kids have "

What’s So Great about ? Deborah Robins + cite many reasons why https://t.co/X2j4JhzApt

The Fight for the Best in the Country: What Got Right and Wrong by Cara Stillings Candal

From 'Rotten Apples' to Martyrs: America Has Changed Its Tune on -

What happens when you pay to get ready for ? RI is about to find out, w/ help from the via

Holding back causes later to spike, studies say. "A policy meant to make sure students stay on track, then, appears to have caused more students to leave altogether."

How are America’s public schools really doing? guest post @valeriestrauss suggests that it's more the abstract perception of is suffering, while most people are pretty confident in their own kids' schools https://t.co/umQFV3sSFi

Teachers in America: followed 15 US around the nation on a day of "frustrations, pressures and hard-earned victories"

ScreenTime + Digital Reading

ArtOfConcentrationThe lost art of : being distracted in a | Put simply, better concentration makes life easier + less stressful + we will be more . Suggestions from https://t.co/skp6HVQL2u

Strategies for with deeper understanding, some ideas from | Develop a system for highlighting + more |

Do we read digitally as well as we read paper texts? No, says "as learning demands increase and the texts are more extensive, paper wins hands down" for


I like the from , which awards $22 million + star status |

Recent paper suggests overly narrow Focus In May Hurt Long-Term. They need a broader set of skills to prosper over entire | via   https://t.co/3IaZpGgd4y

Testing + Assessment

Doesn't Have to be a Dirty Word as an indicator of + - there's a lot more to data than https://t.co/pINNv3trqg

ACT Scores Show Drop in Readiness, Especially in - Only Asian students show improved scores

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: October 12: #Cybils Nominations, #KidLitCon Panels and #Reading for Pleasure

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookAbandonment, #BookLists, #Censorship, #Cybils, #DiverseBooks, #GrowthMindset, #homework, #introversion, #JoyOfReading, #KidLitCon, #LearningStyles, #MentalHealth, #Mindfulness, #Nonfiction, #PE, #SchoolLibrarians, #ScreenTime, #spelling, #ViewpointDiversity, parenting, schools, and testing.

Announcement of the Week

Cybils-Logo-2018-Round450pxNot a tweet, but: #Cybils Nominations are open through Monday, October 15th. Just a few more days! You can find the nomination link and details here. The Cybils award is for high-quality, kid-friendly children's and young adult books published in a variety of categories in the past year. Anyone can nominate. The Cybils shortlists (which come out on New Year's Day) are an excellent resource for parents, teachers, and librarians looking for excellent titles.

Book Lists + Awards

DragonsHalloween -themed Early for Kids Ages 6-10, timely from https://t.co/vYbX2f8eUL

This is a super-fun : 24 Must Have Books for 1-Year Olds according to |

Not sure about celebrating ? has compiled a of Literature for Young Readers that you can peruse instead

NeverTooYoungTwo New Books for preteen + young teens w/ a lot to love

Yet To Be Nominated | suggestions from

books not yet nominated for the Awards, a from

Diversity + Gender

And a response to Shannon's piece: How handles Boys Who Boo Books — | "I looked every student in the eye and told them that whatever they like to read is okay. And that making fun of someone for what they like is not okay"

PrincessInBlackWhat are we teaching boys when we discourage them from books about girls? The goal is to encourage . The more we try to tell kids which books are for them, the more reluctant they are to read https://t.co/WLZQySGw0R

Let’s Indigenize Our Bookshelves & Fully Welcome Native Kids As Readers by

This is an interesting study: “My-side bias” makes it difficult for us to see the in arguments we disagree with –

This article about by in is fascinating | Large Majorities Dislike + don't fit into the divisive tribes that most people think they do https://t.co/31RXvDQxeL

Growing Bookworms

DogmanWhy Belong in All of Our Libraries – A defense from as + "Because you see when we tell kids that a book is too easy we are dismissing their entire journey"

We are Changed Because of Our Daily Stories | shares the way that has helped grow her classroom into a community of

Growing up in a house full of books is major boost to later and levels, 31 country study finds (w/ >80 books needed to be effective)  https://t.co/93GDYIAM5s

Kidlitosphere / KidLitCon

KidLitConNoDetailAnnouncing Big Issues in Panel! | This year's organizers are +

Don’t Forget the ! Panel w/ | Organizers

[To see the other KidLitCon2019 panels being announced individually, follow https://kidlitconprovidence2019.com or @KidLitCon. I'll share again when the full program is published.]

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

THIS: Children who enjoy + have significantly better mental wellbeing + are much happier than their peers says new report based on survey of UK children

Pleasure includes anything you read just because you want to. In this post for UK , shares benefits of + ways help

BadKittyCensoring the Unsaid, OR, Damned If You Do, #%&*@ If You Don’t — "If we start removing all the books that don’t contain bad words but mere allusions to them, where precisely does that end?"

Thoughts from on one of the key ways that she makes time for : leaving books that aren't working unfinished. We need to teach this to our kids.

Parenting, Play + ScreenTime

Kids and : What's a parent to do?

were concerned that my son plays alone at . Here’s why is ok with it | | FWIW my daughter does this sometimes, maybe due to

Schools and Libraries

WhyStudentsAre You a Visual or an Auditory ? It Doesn’t Matter, "there’s no good scientific evidence that actually exist" https://t.co/EO6Q5xOANa

I appreciated these musings from on working on a + something new every day |

6 Improvements Inspired By Practicing -

Should you teach kids ? has learned over time that avoiding spelling is doing the child "a complete disservice". She shares some tips https://t.co/OmwmgwE95Z

The Problem with, "Show Me the Research" Thinking. Understanding the limitations of + accepting responsibility for contributing to moving it forward via

is just as important as any other subject, say Andrew Sprake + Clive Palmer

In These Districts, Friday Is Not a School Day. More adopt a four-day schedule to save money, retain | | What do you guys say? Good idea, or no?

The Case for Quality : Why it improves , and how can help | argues that reducing homework might help some affluent kids but would deprive poorer kids

The Teen Brain: How Can Help Students Manage Emotions and Make Better Decisions - via

Testing / Assessment

Singapore abolishes exam rankings + various other + metrics, says is not competition + each should focus on his or her own learning progress

In similar news, UK's Ofsted (Office for Standards in ) inspectors to stop using results as key mark of success | +

The Data Says…What? (Or: Why we struggle to make sense of results) –

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: October 5: #Cybils Nominations, #IntrinsicMotivation + Freedom to #Read #GraphicNovels

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include: #AR, #Booklists, #Cybils, #Diversity, #GenderDifferences, #Giftedness, #GraphicNovels, #GrowingBookworms, #HelicopterParenting, #Homework, #IntrinsicMotivation, #literacy, #Motivation, #ReadingAloud, #ReadingRewards, parenting, reading, and schools.

Top Tweet of the Week

Why Girls Are Better at Than Boys across the developed world. They spend more time , for one thing

Book Lists + Awards

Cybils-Logo-2018-Round450pxThe 2018 Nominations are Now OPEN! | + more

Here are some 2018 Nomination Suggestions in various categories (inc. + ) from Jennifer Wharton, Elem/ chair

15 Superb (many the start of a series) for 2nd Graders | Janssen Bradshaw w/ + more

Diversity + Gender

MissRumphius10 Positive Things about We Need to Show Kids in Books by | Kids "deserve exposure to older and a more accurate of abilities, talents + interests"

New finds: Women and Men Are Equally Bad at | "we think it is fair to conclude that the evidence for the stereotype that women are better multitaskers is, so far, fairly weak"

Giftedness + Motivation

Interesting on Peer effects on . Being observed by peers reduces the tendency of giving up immediately. via

How to help your underachieving gifted child

Some Parents Pay Up to $400 an Hour to Prep 4-Year-Olds for NYC’s Test -

Growing Bookworms

PunishedByRewardsA Closer Look at . "What do, and what they do with devastating effectiveness, is to smother people’s enthusiasm for activities they might otherwise enjoy."

A Notecard Check – A Simple Way to Check whether kids are understanding their books, without adding so much post-reading work that they will hate itself

What can do for who Abandon Every Single Book they attempt by | , + taking the long view on

Your Child’s Excuses, and What They Really Mean | | + more

ReadingTogetherReading Together: Everything You Need to Know to Raise a Child Who Loves to Read by Diane W. Frankenstein (2009) | recommends this as "best of the bunch" on books about books


Lots of interesting tidbits in Fusenews: STEM Girl Fashions, the Death of “Hypothesis”, and More — | My daughter + I love dresses too

Check out the gorgeous + user-friendly new website for , chock full of , + resources like tips for

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

ElDeafoComics and : Honoring All and seeking input from about their use in the from

The straw man in the new round of the wars - shares a response from professor

Parenting + Screen Time

How I Know You Wrote Your Kid’s . "The paradox of the overzealous editing of the college essay by many is that they don’t know what a college essay is really about" JM Farkas https://t.co/JdN5AzVt5B

If You Want To Help Your Child's Brain Development, Start When They're Born. Article outlines 5 ways to do it, including of course https://t.co/KydstDzMFQ

Researchers in new study report that the most plausible cause of wellbeing decline in youth is increased |

Schools and Libraries

BeyondMeasureLater start times will help get needed . But they aren't enough. Lawmakers should consider regulating total time spent on via

More schools are nixing because parents say it’s annoying, infringes on time + keeps kids from developing other interests | https://t.co/zwXSTp4Acp

Schools: EdPolicy + Funding

Massive study shows face bleak financial future due in part to declining enrollment + rising costs https://t.co/9cRkiH5Gc8

This is kind of interesting (though I'm not sure about costs): The Case for Adding a Second 2nd Grade to Elementary (to give kids who need it more time to catch up) by https://t.co/5Nb3PNBORB

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: September 28: #ReadingComprehension, #Grit, #FreePlay, #ScreenTime, #Grades

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #AchievementGap, #AgeDiscrimination, #BookAccess, #CharterSchools, #CollaborativeLearning, #Cybils, #DownSyndrome, #EarlyChildhoodEducation, #EdPolicy, #GenderDiversity, #Grit, #JoyOfReading, #play, #ReadAloud, #ReadingChoice, #SchoolFunding, #SchoolLibrarians, #ScreenTime, parenting, publishing, reading, schools, and testing.

Top Tweets of the Week

FrontDeskHow My Saw Something in Me My Own Parents Didn’t by | "I am living, walking proof in the power of and to change lives."

is a long and wide game. "Fact is children don’t get better at and understanding by doing lots of comprehension tests... Our needs to fill the gaps not create bigger chasms." | https://t.co/I4KlcOKhNJ


A reminder from : 2018: Accepting Children’s Book Nominations Soon (10/1)   


KissOfDeceptionA Few Thoughts on Ageism in from via |

Analysis of UK bestsellers (before vs. after 2012) suggests kids' bookshelves are on a lean towards more male leads / stronger male roles via |

and the Great Gaping (Longstanding) Children’s Book Gap — |

Events, Programs + Research

is an example of redundant labelling in , claims paper. Grit, espec. its perseverance facet, taps into the pro-active aspects of to do w/ being industrious + achievement focused https://t.co/sHEB8lz53o

Growing Bookworms

Why Kids Need the Freedom to Choose the Books They Read | An impassioned defense from of giving kids +   https://t.co/B2MxzMFzgf

ExtraYarnA 2-Pronged Approach for Encouraging Kids to Read: + Creating Enjoyable Memories, demonstrated by using Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett |  [SUCH a great book!]

What can do when kids proclaim their identities as | "treating their refusal as the gift that it is; a view into the minds of a child who feels like the act of is not something that is safe for them"https://t.co/cFNBmBESDj

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

ReaderComeHomeThis Is What a Great Book Does to Your Brain | lights up your brain like a Christmas tree |

Sad: Central TX Survey by finds 50 percent of parents don't to their child every day + nearly 60% of families have fewer than 20 books in the home via

RT @DrMaryHoward: Remarkable rebuttal to the sham post on the “science” of reading. Please please please retweet this to everyone. I hope that you will share this post to all of your followers. TY for sharing https://t.co/G9Tk70n17I

Parenting + Play

FreeRangeKidsSome days you just have to shake your head: Canadian Day Care Center Tells Parents They Must Give Their Kids Helmets for Recess - |

Kids are starting a revolution to get their parents to put down their says + | I know my daughter pushes us about this |

While : On a Play-based Redefinition of Readiness

Why It's Okay to Throw Your Children's Away - Mary Townsend via |

How instant access to and other data is contributing to - Amanda Parrish Morgan

RT @CarlyKingND:  At least 60 minutes of physical activity a day, 9-11 hours of sleep & no more than 2 hrs a day of recreational screen time associated with higher mental test scores in children (via @NYTimesWell) https://t.co/rUNXuahtjC

Schools andLibraries

Working in a group might be the best way to help kids meet individual goals, study says, and led to higher for black students

Study Finds Leads To More Second Dates – Perfect Research To Promote The Art Of…Asking Questions |  https://t.co/bNw39uZbEr

: The Difference between a Policy and a Strategy | "The fundamental question that must be asked of “personalized ” is: toward what ends?" via

Schools: EdPolicy + Funding

BushObamaSchoolReformReflections on the Legacy of Bush-Obama : Why did initially promising, seemingly popular efforts at federal leadership lose their luster? +

Days Start + End Too Early says ( don't get enough sleep, are working). The "obstacles to changing it usually fall under three general categories: sports, buses, and funding"https://t.co/V1K6u8YI6y

Summary from of recently released compilation of studies on CA | Verdict still out on (but other funding issues threaten success), CA needs much more spending to close "achievement gap"

How Does Expansion Affect Finances + Achievement? Evidence from MA "higher charter attendance increased per-pupil expenditures in district and shifted ... expenditures towards instruction" https://t.co/RpGluKmoj9

Will Bezos Heed Other Mistakes? | via

The problem with Jeff Bezos’s $2 billion gift to charity. "Interventions in have a troubled track record; it’s not clear what works, and some interventions may cause harm" - Kelsey Piper via https://t.co/9q2oiUkRAV

France Bans in Through 9th Grade Starting 9/1. Will It Help Students? -

5 Things to Know About the Funding Compromise Moving Through Congress | |

America’s — Made, Not Born? What a Study of 30,000 Students Reveals About Lowered Expectations and Poorer-Quality Instruction for Kids of Color |


Thoughts on from | "After 20 years, folks are starting to figure out that were actually correct. The is not helping, not working, and not measuring what it claims to measure."

Want to boost and increase ? One strategy: look outside of by helping low-income families |  https://t.co/qp3WMbI9pK

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: September 21: #Nonfiction, #IndependentReading, ARC-Sharing + #Overscheduled Kids

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this busy week include: #AchievementGap, #ARCs, #BookLists, #ClassPresentations, #Cybils, #EdReform, #GenderDifferences, #Giftedness, #GrowthMindset, #HigherEd, #IndependentReading, #LearningDifferences, #Nonfiction, #Play, #poetry, #ReadAloud, #reading, #ScienceFiction, #STEM, #ViewpointDiversity, #WorldLiteracyDay, book awards, parenting, and schools.

Top Tweet of the Week

TeachingReadingInMiddleSchoolIndependent in : Necessity or Luxury? says it's important for building lifelong , and offers tips for creating a culture that values https://t.co/XolNWKw5i2 [Link to Laura Robb's book on Amazon]

Book Lists + Awards

This morning announced the 2018 judges in categories ranging from to to to . Congratulations to all the bloggers, librarians, authors, parents, vloggers + others selected  

11 with Twist Endings Kids Won’t See Coming | from Janssen Bradshaw  https://t.co/yE77MxA2mx

BrilliantDeepLonglist for 2019 Children's Award Announced  [Link to The Brilliant Deep on Amazon]

Over the next few days, will be posting Category Descriptions to help decide which books to nominate for these | Today, learn about what they are seeking in

Newbery/Caldecott 2019: Fall Prediction Edition from |

Best for Kids, another | , fantastical , creatures and with a mind of its own.

WinnieA Review of "the 37 Best Narrative Books for Kids" |Adele Jeunette at WeHaveKids | | via [Link to Winnie on Amazon]

Books for Kids that Are Out of This World. This has books that "feature action that somehow deal(s) with and , and/or fantastical in a realistic setting" https://t.co/tvxZ37BdoG

25 Adventurous Books Like 's Jackson series via |

Diversity + Gender

MindsOfGirlsAnswering Those Who Believe Boys and Girls Do Not Learn Differently - | | "while there is wonderful overlap in and behavioral styles, boys and girls do learn differently" [Link to The Minds of Girls on Amazon]

Events, Programs + Research

This seems like it could be fun. narrator + actor is launching a video show where he (w/ his dog) + encourages families to + visit the | Look for Hello Storytime on YouTube starting this weekend

was 9/8/18: Now What? looks at flat scores + shares her Rx for giving all US kids a fair chance at . e.g. "Plan for lots of time for fun reading + take the fear out of " https://t.co/5y82HoWQBt

+ Companion Text Sets from |

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has given away $308 million for education in 3 years. Here's who got the donations | via |

RaisingKidsWhoReadShould Listen to While They Read? One analysis says no, but suggests taking of kids' responses into account when deciding for individual kids  [Link to Daniel's book, Raising Kids Who Read]

UK study finds children with difficulties (SLDM/dyscalculia) far less likely to receive an official diagnosis than their peers with

RT @DTWillingham: New 3 yr longitudinal study: self affirmation reduces growth of achievement gap by 50% across high school transition--effectiveness moderated by school context & student engagement ($) https://t.co/VgDUK9VsLD

Growth Mindset, Resilience + Personal Growth

Should Students Be Forced To Make ? Some Say It's Too -Producing. Others say kids can gain confidence from learning . Discussion in comments https://t.co/L9tyraOv0d

MindsetHaving a Makes It Easier to Develop New Interests + reach across disciplines | Paul A. O’Keefe, Carol Dweck + Greg Walton via  [Link to Mindset on Amazon]

Asking to Help People Find Better Answers Themselves, vs. just telling people what you think they should do or change |


DeVos, Sessions warn of deepening crisis on campuses |

Have Too Many | "students are less likely to get a good + faculty members are likely to learn less from one another, if there is a prevailing political orthodoxy" |

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

RevengeOfEnginerdsARCs and ARC-Sharing Groups = collections of mostly and (though there are also some involved!) who, after obtaining an , pass it around from one member to the next and discuss online |  [Link to Jarrett's upcoming book on Amazon]

This is encouraging: Study finds by young people 18-24 has doubled since 2012 + other adults are reading it more too via

Parenting + Play

We’ve so our kids (+ emphasized only purposeful activities) that doctors are now prescribing - |

Lawnmower (who mow down obstacles facing their kids) Are the New Helicopter Parents says post | "If we eliminate all struggle in children’s younger years, they will not arrive at adulthood magically equipped to deal with ."

Schools and Libraries

Advice for from for Creating Flexible Yet Significant Opportunities | "Rely on room parents" + lots more

MissionToSpaceHow is incorporating more in her , minilessons + more |

English + Journalism has learned over 17 years that "We Teach People," not just | listening, , connection |

Both sides lobbying California governor on bill to delay start time for teens | | I say sign it - kids will learn more if they are better rested

To Achieve a More "Scholastic" Atmosphere, at this London Must Be Silent in Hallways, reports | I say that's their right, but I wouldn't want my daughter to go there

TeacherWarsRethinking What Means, and Whom It Should Serve | Addressing "underrepresentation of black, Hispanic and low-income children in selective academic settings" [Link to Dana's book on Amazon]

Serious policy decisions are being driven by . The problem is, it’s not always accurate

Exactly How Came to Be So Underpaid (relative to other comparably educated professionals) in America | | "To many teachers, these trends are a result of a decades-long and bipartisan war on "

New nationwide poll: Most people support teachers’ right to strike, but less than half believe unions improve the quality of | via  https://t.co/pbZZRrw14z

Testing + Grades

in by | Study found "grade inflation was more severe in schools attended by affluent students than in those attended by lower-income pupils" |

Finding the Sweet Spot Between Defeatism and Utopianism When Setting -

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