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Links I Shared on Twitter Recently: April 5: A #LiteracyTsunamic, the #STEM #GenderGap, and the Scholastic #KFRR Results

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this busy week include #Audiobooks, #BookLists, #ChildDevelopment, #ComputerScience, #Education, #FreeRangeKids, #GenderGap, #Giftedness, #GRA19, #GrowingBookworms, #HigherEd, #Homework, #KFRR, #literacy, #LoveOfReading, #phonics, #Play, #ReadingLevels, #ReadingLogs, #Scholastic, #ScreenTime, #STEM, #Writing, and parenting.

Top Tweets of the Week

What Superintendents, Cabinets, and School Boards Need to Know About the (aka ) by |

The : Encouraging Girls to Persist in and , 3 barriers w/ proposed solutions | via , ,

Book Lists

NanetteBaguette5 that remind us to trust kids' development + foster independence in childhood

New -themed : the truly wonderful smattering of and titles for kids out in 2019 that struck as worth knowing

14 about Perspective + Observation, new from https://t.co/ZUyoYrR4ZE

Events, Programs + Research

FrontDeskAnnouncing the Global Read Aloud Choices 2019

Press Release Fun: Casting Call for Creative Kids to participate in new shared by [I checked: you need to be able to go to the New York recording studio to do this.]

by the Books! Highlights and about the recent children's book blogging conference from

Thoughts on why a not normally journal of should think twice before issuing a call for overtly political papers slanted in only one ideological direction, from

What Do Today’s Get Right And Wrong In How They Take Lecture Notes? – | Recent study shows more laptop note-taking, less organizing of notes + less self-testing than optimal https://t.co/yY44cHGuVd


Where do I belong? The gifted person's lament. Challenges faced by gifted kids + teen + tips for parents to help from |

Growing Bookworms

KFRR_Fig3_I find this deeply depressing: New Kids + Family Reading Report shows large drop in both + between ages 8 and 9. Some highlights here [Click image for larger version of graph, source: https://www.scholastic.com/readingreport/

Great recap of definitions + resources for parents regarding kids' from Terry + more

Tips from for to help kids who aren't at home (something hard for to control)

Alternatives to (the dreaded) Home/School | Great ideas from coach

Higher Ed

Everything in Can Be Gamed by the Privileged. Eliminating Merit in Admissions Will Only Boost Their Advantage | | We need MORE high-quality education + ways to extend it to low-income kids

This is encouraging: U.S. college students excel in , outscore China, India + Russia | https://t.co/wRqJxrXWG3

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

SeeYouAtHarrysWhat Good Does It Do To Break A Child’s Heart? by | Books about sad topics can "open minds + inspire thoughtful discussion" + help kids grow

Terry has been posting themed questions each month. Her April questions are: What is (or was) your favorite , and have you created one w/ your kids? | Do share!

Print books still the most popular format. reading has flattened, while are on the rise says recent survey via

Read What You Love Until You Love to Read, eventually you get bored of the simple stuff says | The best way to yourself is to develop a

It's not every day you see driving a political scandal: Baltimore Mayor Takes Leave of Absence Amid Criticism Over ‘Healthy Holly’ Books

Parenting, Screen Time + Play

FreeRangeKidsMaking a Case for Free-Range Childhood | |

I Started Letting My Children Get Bored. Then, Something Amazing Happened | Good stuff from via

Why (in terms of the brain) Trigger the Nightly Meltdown—and How to Help Your Child Cope with shutting down |

One Year as a Free + Not Looking Back – shares her students' largely positive experience (less / , more socializing w/ friends in person instead of on ) https://t.co/IuUNC6HTIS

Schools and Libraries

To Boost , Just Add Movement, w/ 6 ways to add more movement to instruction |

When You Disagree With Your Child's Teacher (or the policies at the school), What Can You Do? asks fellow | Seems relevant to me re: things like , +

DeeperLearning Doesn’t Have to Be Boring | + visited across the country, found "powerful learning was happening most often ... in electives, clubs + extracurriculars" + where kids get more agency + choice

is Key to Student Achievement. Many schools sap that motivation w/ rewards + punishments. But Schools Can Crush It | https://t.co/CPo5EREQXT

Does Work? hears few regrets from teachers who did makeovers in class, suggests focusing on h/w where it's actually needed for https://t.co/wvUcdbmsTb

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: March 29: #ClassroomLibraries, #CellPhone Bans + #ReadingAloud Print Books to Kids

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this busy week include #Audiobooks, #BookLists, #ClassroomLibrary, #Grades, #GrowthMindset, #KidLitCon, #LoveOfReading, #NASA, #nonfiction, #Play, #PrintBooks, #ReadAloud, #SAT, #ScreenTime, #SocialMedia, #STEM, #testing, memory, parenting, and reading.

Top Tweet of the Week

to Your Toddler? New Study Confirms Print Books Are Better Than Digital Ones, generating more talk about the story between parents + kids | https://t.co/dyB1FuGoch


EscapeFromLemoncelloCrack the Code! 9 Books About and Codes for 9- to 12-Year-Olds | Fun from Dena McMurdie |

16 Great for Third Graders | Another solid from |

Events, Programs + Research

A thank you to participants, speakers + sponsors from + more

People keep making new brain cells throughout their lives (well at least until the age of 97), according to a study on human brains |


OverloadedStrong piece by Dr. Denise Pope from on how kids ought to be choosing | Factors like academic engagement in + mentoring from faculty are more tied to future success than elite names https://t.co/DxQvlTBZz3

No one likes the SAT. It’s still the fairest thing about admissions. et. al. --> I agree. No question scores helped me be the first in family to go to

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

QuietPowerLet's hear it for young readers editions of titles, says , encouraging publishers to look for other bestselling titles to adapt for the + market https://t.co/pknts4yIc6

5 Reasons Why Listens to at Double Speed

Parenting, Play + Growth Mindset

Fear of , the Kryptonite to - "The older we get, the more afraid we are to get things wrong, to fail" | w/ tips for modeling

Confident Kids Come From Parents Who Do These 5 Things | |

YouYourChildSchoolHow to Navigate Your Way to the Best for Your Child | + more

The Many Shades of Fear-Based Parenting, w/ recommendation for following trustful methods instead from Peter Gray

33 Reasons Why Parents Should Choose a Play-Based , Not an Academic One

Reading in School

A Few More Steps Toward a Successful Experience for All in |

EverythingEverythingBeyond the Comfort Zone: Books for Our Times | Working w/ kids + parents when books in the get into potentially controversial areas

Gradual Release of the 1st Grade helps kids learn about w/out becoming overwhelmed by choice –

Screen Time + Social Media

Human Contact Is Now a Luxury Good | Screens used to be for the elite. Now avoiding is a status symbol. | | I think there's validity to this argument

Let’s Talk About : Should We Limit Access Or Teach Responsibility, asks | I think this is very complex |

IGenSome real food for thought here: "I didn't have control": A 14-year-old on why she quit + how she felt when she learned her mom + sister had been posting about her for years


This is sad: cancels all-female spacewalk, citing lack of spacesuit in right size |

At an Ontario high school, a mark-less class is challenging how students engage in - via

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: March 22: Personal Responsibility, Education Research + Snowplow Parents

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #GrowthMindset, #introversion, #JoyOfReading, #literacy, #MentalHealth, #PersonalizedLearning, #ReadAloud, #SocialMedia, college, libraries, parenting, research, and teachers.

Top Tweet of the Week

I like this post from about taking responsibility for your choices + actions, not blaming things "happening" to you | Yes, It’s All Your Fault: Active vs. Passive Mindsets https://t.co/d0OpeW5jQu

Events, Programs + Research

LionWitchRead Like a Child, Don’t Fall Into the Trap of Competitive | Sally O'Reilly via |

The dark side of research: widespread bias | developer-funded research showed benefits 70% greater than what independent study found

The Fails to Close: Half century of shows mostly unchanged divide between haves and have-nots, + that gains at 8th grade level don't flow through to end of https://t.co/YzIWRKfk26

Wishing well as she heads out to Providence, happening THIS weekend. I'm sure her panel on will be useful. As for me, I'll be there in spirit but not in body

Building Teens Into Strong Readers — By Letting Them Teach | via |

Growing Bookworms

MissRumphiusThe Time for – Early March Edition is out from , covering + ideas for linking gardening +

15 Tips for Starting a Lifelong Conversation w/ Kids About Books |  

Higher Ed

Remember, It’s Their Years, Not Yours - | Sue Shellenbarger talks to various experts on overly involved parents who project their own needs +/or pressure their kids re:

Is Worth It? Wealthy parents who spend to get their kids into top schools aren’t giving them as big an advantage as commonly thought, research shows

Parenting + Play

RaiseAnAdultHow (who move every challenge out of kids' paths) Are Robbing Their Children of Adulthood +

Is Now Required by Law in Several U.S. States | Sad that they have to legislate this, but good to see kids getting more | https://t.co/e5MCHg2Yau

Getting Little Boys to Sit Down and Learn. "Nourish first their deep instinctual need to move, wear them out physically. Then they will be able to sit for a time"


In , Where Is the Line Between Criticism and Cancel Culture? Lots of food for thought in this piece by | My friend is quoted, too!

Schools and Libraries

MindsetSchools love the idea of a , but has its application in been shown to have an impact? Does self-concept drive achievement, or vice versa? via https://t.co/leVxBbRfAT

Oral Reading (kids in class): Making it Useful or Making it a Waste of Time? should work to keep it enjoyable + fun

research: Schools should invest in arts and PE to boost adolescent students' attainment and engagement | via https://t.co/jHyUhkEcri

Explicit Instruction: It's Not Just for Students With - |

Five Myths and What You Can Do to Overcome Them –

13 ways educators can transform | | Give students time to read, think, write + dream

Expecting Too Much — and Too Little? — of | musings from

9 Unexpected Perks That Come with Having a Library Card | via |

Self Awareness, Screen Time + Mental Health

QuietSusanCainThis fits w/ my experience: Why Might Be the Best Career Path for Introverts |

Rise In Depression Among + Young Adults Could Be Linked To Use, finds new study headed by |

Brazilian Researchers Say Is Real, And That It’s Associated With Impaired Decision-making –

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: March 15: A College Admissions Scandal, A Reading Crisis + More

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this busy week include #BookLists, #CollegeAdmissions, #Focus, #Grit, #GrowingBookworms, #GrowthMindset, #HigherEd, #Introversion, #KidLitCon, #Literacy, #Mindfulness, #ScreenTime, #Testing, #WorldBookDay, grading, libraries, parenting, reading, and schools.

Top Tweets of the Week

We Have a National Crisis in - , + | work is a both/and re: + sharing rich texts w/ kids

THIS! Celebrating One Year of The Image | | Parents should focus on kids' + , not on as a competition. [This one was added too late to have received a lot of responses yet, but I WANT everyone to read it.]

Book Lists + Awards

JuliaMorganThree on a Theme from | about Female Architects |

8 to Celebrate , from

: About 99 Real-Life Mighty Girls & Women | from https://t.co/Ldrt5twKnk

A particularly fun today from | Top Secret! Spy Books for Kids, fiction + nonfiction

GreatGreeneHeistAnother fun from | Books Like : Heists, Thrilling Missions and Spies! |

Press Release Fun | The 2019 Book Prize Winners Announced! — I love these awards that celebrate in

Events, Programs + Research

is coming up! Bring your current ARCs to swap! Bring spare tote bags! Bring books to donate to a good cause! |

Author/illustrator book sale and signing event open to the public both evenings of (4-6pm, 3/ 22 + 23) – Providence, RI

Happy 60th Birthday to . She looks pretty good for her age:

GritResearch scholars to air problems with using at - | Author shares responses from to

Objections to 's Take on + from +

Growing Bookworms

Set the children free – show them the joy of for reading’s sake | via

Parents urged to keep to children "well into their teens" - via |

How to to a Child That Won’t Sit Still |

BookLoveTaylorHow Easy Books (Some of the Time) Benefits Your Child | Good points from via

Higher Ed

This is insane: Federal Prosecutors Charge Dozens of Wealthy Parents in Cheating Scheme - | Faking recruited athletes + cheating on tests just to get into certain schools. Sigh.

One Reason Rural Students Don't Go To : Colleges Don't Go To Them | |

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

QuietSusanCainIntroverts Unite! (separately) – "The entire world is designed for noisy coffee lovers, why can’t we keep this one little bit of it (the library) quiet? |

Schools and Libraries

Four Practices That Discourage | via

‘If all of that had been improving us, we would have been the highest-achieving nation in the world.' Here’s what does work in | quotes https://t.co/5eKYhbrYBs

Movement And Breathing Breaks Help Students Stay Focused On | |

A depressing report: 'It's dangerous': full chaos of cuts in England's revealed by@guardian investigation | +

Screen Time, Parenting + Play

OrchidAndDandelionIs Your Child An Orchid Or A Dandelion? Unlocking The Science Of Sensitive Kids | interviews author Thomas Boyce about a book that I found fascinating

Smartphone Addicts’ New Tactic to Break Their Habit: Buy a Second Phone - | Personally I found it easier to delete + other apps from my regular phone, but this was interesting |

What I Gave My Kid Instead of a Smartphone – Some excellent advice in this piece about kids + technology by via |

How Does Generation Z Read? (+ how does that affect ) | Kelly Jensen talks w/ |

A timely reminder from that sometimes we need to tolerate the messy in favor of allowing opportunities | https://t.co/kcA39Q37fn

Raising a Nonstarving Artist - guest post from

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: March 8: Online #BedTimeStories, #WorldBookDay and Damaging #Homework

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookLists, #ExtraCredit, #Focus, #homework, #JoyOfReading, #KidLitCon, #reading, #ReadingAloud, #ScreenTime, #WorldBookDay, #YA, parenting, publishing, schools, and teaching.

Top Tweet of the Week

This elementary school principal reads books on Facebook to ensure her students have a bedtime story

Book Lists

Tweedles | A new from , organized by time period + region https://t.co/7ebfN8EwEY

ABC Books for Kids that Parents Will Enjoy Too! Another from

A Few to Celebrate from https://t.co/lnbHNfqi1R

Great stuff on this from Jennifer Wharton: RA RA Read: adventures across the genres (gadgets, secret societies, + more)

Events, Programs + Research

KIDLIT_con_poster_final_web_smAnnouncing some program changes and additions! – Providence 2019, March 22-23

"should be about getting children excited about books and ", something should be doing every day

A Few Suggestions from for Celebrating on March 7

Mrs. P’s FREE website refocuses mission on making reading No. 1 and ends annual contest! Read all about it! https://t.co/UgI9sUBYWx

Growing Bookworms

DeathlyHallowsKeeping Magic in (or How We Reorganized our Middle School to Improve Reading) by Tara McCabe

Schools should include for older kids (as should parents) to halt fall in young readers, urge experts |

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Interesting post from about how she is able to read + review SO MANY books, w/ a few tidbits on what her students care about

Terry has posted her March Question for | "What life habits or interests have come from being a reader?" | Share your thoughts here:

He Was Part of a Twitter Mob That Attacked Young Adult Novelists. Then It Turned on Him. Now His Book Is Cancelled |

Parenting + Play

GiftOfFailureHow the Momo challenge and other remote but outrageous + viral threats distract parents from real dangers -

Schools and Libraries

"Despite the very good intentions behind giving , the results are damaging to just about every aspect of " says | Post also calls "damaging"

, See as Students Do, urges | "It is our job as to sprinkle fairy dust and create the circumstances that engage and excite learners" https://t.co/Zjj8PD7wpi

Screen Time

Do Not Disturb: How I Ditched My Phone and Unbroke My Brain - via

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: March 1: Friendship Books, Reading Levels + Teacher Pay

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. This is a relatively brief post, because I was on vacation for much of the time, and didn't spend much time online. But I do have a few links for you on #BookLevels, #BookLists, #BookRecommendations, #DiverseBooks, #GrowingBookworms, #LoveOfBooks, #mindfulness, #ReadAloud, #reading, #TeacherPay, parenting, and teaching. Happy reading!

Book Lists

SunnySideUpRA RA Read: Real Girls, Real Friendships and Best Frenemies, books that librarian Jennifer Wharton recommends frequently, +

2019 – Winter & Spring | w/ blurbs from

Growing Bookworms

I agree w/ | Stop Freaking Out About | "shouldn’t be entirely leveled, parents shouldn’t prevent a child from picking a book they would enjoy. We have to stop this book leveling madness."

A mom mourns the realization that her bedtime sessions w/ her daughter are ending | | Kiley Frank

Top Ten Reasons School Counselors Want Students to Read: Social-Emotional Learning Opportunities! by

Passing on A Few (Book) Recommendations – where teacher gets + book ideas | + more

UK study finds only 1/4 of pupils get recommended reading for pleasure time in school |

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Remote Control Reading by | Defending the reader's right to read multiple books at one time, fall asleep while + more https://t.co/uJkg1Z6nWW

Parenting + Play

UnderPressureHow Can Help Kids (and Parents!) Weather Emotional Storms - via |

Schools and Libraries

Higher Pay Leads to Smarter Teachers, Global Study Says - | Teachers have stronger cognitive skills in countries that may them more |


Non-profit teaching to girls from kindergarten up -

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Links I Shared on Twitter Recently: February 15: Benefits of Reading Fiction, Stories about Girls, and Intrinsic Rewards for Reading

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookAwards, #BookLists, #GraphicNovels, #GrowingBookworms, #IntrinsicMotivation, #Literacy, #LoveOfBooks, #math, #parenting, #play, #Podcasts, #RickRiordan, #schools, #STEM, and reading. I'll be taking next week off from Twitter for my daughter's school vacation week, but I'm sure that I'll save up some links for the following week.

Top Tweet of the Week

Fiction Really Will Make You Nicer and More Empathetic, New Meta-Analysis Says | | showed small improvement in social-cognitive performance vs. not reading or reading

Book Lists + Awards

AllOfAKindDon't miss the for the 2019 , honoring the "best in Jewish literature and scholarship" from

The 2019 Awards as unofficially selected by elementary | Featuring +

The 2018 Winners were announced this morning, titles ranging from to , inc. fiction, nonfiction, +

On a quest NOT to fill her daughter's lunch box with bad jokes, identifies a few recent for kids that are actually funny |

14 Children's Books with Characters Who Have Medical Challenges | the newest from

Jennifer Wharton rounds up 's own books + imprint, as well as other mythic fantasy series. Great guide for anyone looking to keep + fans

Diversity + Gender

LostGirlWhat about the girls? What do they hear when we treat their stories as if they don’t matter, as if they take up too much space? by

Events, Programs + Research

100th Anniversary Children's Book Week Poster w/ artwork by Revealed | |

Children’s Book Creators Join Forces to Provide High Quality Books to Two Worthy Organizations by |

Growing Bookworms

Great post challenging approaches that are used to nudge kids towards : "We are actively training them to think ‘books = hard, boring compulsory work that I should be rewarded for.’"

I could relate to: How Visiting My Local Library Makes Me a Better Parent by |

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

BookLoveTungThese are wonderful: 14 Stunning Illustrations / from That Perfectly Capture the Introvert's | Can't wait to show daughter

are Books, Too! by 5th grade ELA | learn vocabulary + inference, find difficult topics more accessible, + lots more

Parenting + Play

One more reason to let kids : Research suggests that young kids can learn through | via |

UnderPressureWhy Girls Beat Boys at School and Lose to Them at the Office | "What if school is a confidence factory for our sons, but only a competence factory for our daughters?" | Parents, stop praising inefficient overwork

Is It Healthy to Study in Bed? Experts weigh in. Sounds like it's ok, but kids should re-read things from right before they fall asleep

Schools and Libraries

I liked this OpEd by about how CA are setting a poor example for re personal +


HiddenFiguresYAWomen's History in Is Hidden in the Footnotes - | New study uncovers female programmers who made important but unrecognized (beyond footnotes) contributions to |

and with Confidence by Jerry Burkhart via | Lack of confidence in math traces to past experiences + inaccurate beliefs about learning |

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: February 8: #Reading Deeply, Improving #Memory + Encouraging #Boredom

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookAwards, #BookList, #boredom, #DigitalReading, #dyslexia, #EducationalEquity, #Giftedness, #grades, #JoyOfReading, #KidLitCon, #MentalHealth, #phonics, #Play, #reading, #SchoolChoice, #sleep, #SocialMedia, #WorldReadAloudDay, parenting, schools and teaching. This week's "Top Tweet" has been circulating really well - it is apparently resonating with teachers. 

Top Tweet of the Week

Understanding a Teacher’s Long-Term Impact | Fostering skills like does more for students' futures than helping them raise their https://t.co/wKjr2IScGc

Book Lists

YouAreNotSmall50 Of The Best Books For Beginning Readers | Katherine Willoughby via |

Favorite and Funny Books for 9-10 Year Olds, kid-tested from | Many kids are hooked on via funny books https://t.co/KELCowPwBq

Diversity + Gender

Only 2% of are black men, yet research confirms they matter. So why are there so few in ?

Events, Programs + Research

KIDLIT_con_poster_final_web_smCongrats to our Panelists honored at Awards! – | is March 22-23 in Providence

Celebration! talks w/ 4 educators + authors about joys of

Who knew? Rock-A-Bye Adult – Study Shows Grown-ups Enjoy Better And Consolidation In A Rocking Bed – https://t.co/5p8WyM5JIS

Growing Bookworms

Technology is the enemy and how I (still try) to get my kids to read | The mom at I love kids books laments letting the lure of video games get in the way of her boys |

Creating an Action Plan to Jumpstart a Better Experience for the kids who aren't there yet in their by https://t.co/aIc2pCICGt

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

ClariceBean'We need to talk about children’s books in a grown-up way’ | Lauren Child joins judging panel for | Wants to champion "left-field ways of looking at the world" in

Excellent conversation-starter today | Has changed how (and what) we read? Do we still read deeply? What about digital natives? | In my response I referenced + |

Thought-provoking article about how compounds knowledge by consuming information that is focused + has a long half-life (vs. that expires fast)

Books Are Not Dead. They're More Essential Than Ever | is fundamental to human beings. strengthens our imaginations. |

Parenting + Play

YesBrainHow with Your Children Can Help Them Develop a ‘Yes Brain’ | |

Opinion | Let Children Get Bored Again - | is useful, especially when you let your mind wander

When your gifted child disappoints: Good stuff in this post about struggles that can arise when a child struggles w/ relationships, underachievement, difficulties w/ socialization + more

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Canceling Extracurriculars | I love this@HonorsGradU equation | Stress of making activity happen > benefit of activity = CANCEL regret-free! |

'Sharenting': Can Parents Post Too Much About Their Kids Online? | via

Schools and Libraries

PowerOfQuestioningGo Rogue, But Be Prepared for a Fight When it Comes to Giving Up - It "isn't just about not labeling ..., it is about shifting a mindset about what learning is and how it should look in a classroom" https://t.co/smTkOdAqFY

Meet the ‘crazy’ moms saying one of Pa.’s top-rated school districts can’t teach |

An Open Letter: To , From a explores reasons some people depend on more flexible options, as well as some reservations https://t.co/vIsRJT8eO5

Isn't , It's A Million Little Mutinies, people making choices for their families |

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Links I Shared on Twitter Recently: February 1: Youth Media Awards, 28 Days Later, and Global School Play Day

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #28DaysLater, #ADHD, #ALAYMA, #blogging, #BookAwards, #BookLists, #dyslexia, #Focus, #GrowthMindset, #GSPlayDay, #HigherEd, #Homework, #JoyOfLearning, #literacy, #Play, #SocialMedia, Henry Winkler, parenting, and schools.

Top Tweet of the Week

Mcbd_poster_nameFINAL-791x1024[Last Friday was] Multicultural Children’s Book Day!

Book Lists + Awards

For anyone who somehow missed this, the 2018-2019 Children’s and Young Adult Book Awards were announced yesterday. Here's a nice summary from

12 Books for Toddlers, from

RA RA Read: Laugh 'n' Read, Funny Beginning | from Jennifer Wharton | Funny books are a great way to hook kids on

The 50 Best Books for 7- and 8-Year-Olds to keep them voraciously, per + Meghan Dietsche Goel for

Events, Programs + Research

WRAD2019InstaFINALThis Friday, 2/1, is World Read Aloud Day, when people around the globe together + share stories to advocate for

Celebration Time: The 2019 Honorees for https://t.co/akyPvQVc6R

Very cool! featured 2019! saying "If you write books for young readers, this New England conference is an event you can’t miss." | March 22-23 in RI

Growing Bookworms

BugAndBear“Kindergarteners Need 2 Skills to Be Successful” | shares tips + book ideas for nurturing those skills via |

Can you keep a secret? Teacher describes her observations + interactions with a hidden group of stealthy teen https://t.co/o8nUexwl1h

Higher Ed

How Harvard + Other Universities w/ Large Endowments Hurt Small via dynamics | "a cycle where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer"

Transfers Outperform At Top , So Why Do We Ignore Them? https://t.co/jk1J8sGHF7

Learning Differences

HankZipzer Made Feel 'Stupid' For Years. Now, He's A Best-Selling Author | | His books for kids are what he's most proud of

Five Ways to Help Children w/ Develop Their Strengths | | + more

On Reading, Writing, Drawing, Blogging, and Publishing

Reaching a Wider Audience - wants to help + "find amazing children's books and ideas" |

Why Matters | "drawing is deeply entangled with development, but doesn’t often receive the same attention or regard as language" https://t.co/9k8dSCIGvA

Parenting + Play

FreedomToThinkI plan to check out the new by w/

through play: what are the benefits? | talks w/ of | Imaginative w/ others (even an adult who does this effectively) helps language acquisition +

Global School Play Day: One Day. Nothing But | | Watch on this important topic https://t.co/HdsMgOPuQp

Schools and Libraries

GSPlayDay250 Things to Do Instead of ! - Fun list by for ahead of coming up 2/6

Kinder Prep Frenzy Continued: On | thinks it "seems to involve too much fear, too much short-term, and too much “not-enough-ness.”" https://t.co/ZEkrTpYMD2

Now That Are Promoting Broader Definitions of Success, How Do We Measure Progress?

Self Improvement + Motivation

DigitalMinimalismIt’s Not Too Late to Quit - shares tips from author on breaking the habit + finding better focus

Getting Ahead By Being Inefficient | In expending extra energy, making , trying new things you develop flexibility + , says

Screen Time

New study reports toddlers who spent more time watching a screen at 2 years old did worse on developmental markers than those w/ less | Authors urge caution for via

Generation Z’s 7 Lessons for Surviving in Our Tech-Obsessed World - | doesn't distinguish online vs. |

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: January 25: #ReadYourWorld, #BlackHistoryMonth, #SelfCompassion + the Power of Children's Books

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BoardBooks, #BookLists, #CommonCore, #copyright, #DiverseBooks, #GrowthMindset, #ReadYourWorld, #SchoolLibraries, #teens, #testing, learning, schools, and teaching.

Top Tweet of the Week

Why Prioritizing Relationships in Matters. Doing well on a isn't the end goal | vs.

Book Lists + Awards

GoodnightGorillaSome of my family's faves are on this list: Our Top Ten Tastiest by

24 Must-Have Books for Toddlers - from

RA RA READ: Beginning for Animal Lovers, + guide from Jennifer Wharton

2019 Nominees for Juveniles + | via

Diversity / Multicultural Children's Book Day

GhostBoys announces the 2019 Walter Awards – has the scoop

Children's Books! 3 stories Celebrating Cultural Heritage, Ecological Stewardship + https://t.co/FAHm0pYNAv

Best Multicultural Children's Books for Babies, Toddlers, & Preschoolers | from | PictureBooks

Events, Programs + Research

PoetA Plan to a in Honor of , w/ of selected titles, from https://t.co/Yk63mDIqku

New research finds that (to complete over the summer) Harm Degree Completion / long-run success, despite earlier results showing short-term promise |

Growing Bookworms

Ten ways improve in schools by Margaret Kristin Merga "Teaching how to choose books they like" + lots more

EnchantedHourThe Secret Power of the Children’s by Meghan Cox Gurdon - Even infants get profound cognitive and behavioral benefits from sharing a vivid story

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Thousands of Previously Copyrighted Works Will Now Be Freely Available to Use by + Others (w/ more to come each January) via

seem like ‘Netflix for ,’ but they’re a drain on budgets + result in "book-lending inefficiencies"

Skulduggery1My friend Jennifer Wharton is even happier than I am to see reissuing the books by |

Personal Growth / Parenting

It Took Exactly 5 Words to Teach a Major Lesson in | via https://t.co/yyS686a5xT


Data Was Supposed to Fix the U.S. System. Here’s Why It Hasn’t. "Nationwide data suggests that the growth of data-driven schooling hasn’t worked"

Five years after , a mysterious spike in failure rate among NY w/ signs of lasting problems for low-achieving students

Teenagers’ Lack Of Insight Into Some Of Their Abilities Has Implications For Counselling –

SelfCompassionHow Supports Academic Motivation + Emotional Wellness |

Learn Better From People They Love - | "Emotions assign value to things" |

Should We Be Teaching Optimism? - Guest post by for @mssackstein | Our societal tendency to pessimism is influenced by | should show kids the world is getting better (+ how to spot )

Why -Based Is Exciting And Where It May Stumble | https://t.co/0NtXVn0Q83

This Is a Problem says (and I agree) : That Are Closed All (or too much of) the Time "WE EXIST FOR KIDS!"


How to Introduce Principles Early to Help Inspire Interest in | https://t.co/5egI5kpfV6

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: January 18: #CriticalThinking, #BookLists Galore + Laundromat #StoryTime

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookLists, #BookTalks, #FakeNews, #GraphicNovels, #GrowingBookworms, #JoyOfReading, #learning, #MentalHealth, #MiddleGrade, #play, #ReadingAloud, #SchoolImprovement, #ScreenTime, #STEM, #teaching, libraries, motivation, parenting, and publishing.

Top Tweet of the Week

Fact vs. Fiction: Teaching Skills In the Age of by + | "we see skilled as the kryptonite against" it

Book Lists

SheepInAJeep10 Books for our Earliest Emergent Readers That Are Actually Enjoyable https://t.co/aLxkUyEfJI

RA RA Read: organizer Jennifer Wharton rounds up Stories w/ themes for younger + readers

8 Featuring - followup from https://t.co/5Q72Faln0O

LucyAndyNeanderthalA right up my daughter's alley | Funny Series for (Younger) Kids

New Timeless: Recent + Titles That Thinks Might Be Around a While

Events, Programs + Research

How the Chicago Public Is Bringing to the Laundromat | via | receive tips from on instilling at home

w/ children boosts language acquisition by eight months (+more for espec. socially disadvantaged kids) | Newcastle Univ. study funded by |

Americans are happier in states that spend more on public goods inc. , parks + highways says study via |

Growing Bookworms

PassionateReadersOn the importance of in developing kids as readers | "one of the biggest gifts I can give our students is a passport into the ... And that happens through a "

What Happened to My ? + Jared Passmore share time-tested tips for overcoming in older kids | The biggest piece of the puzzle is also the simplest:


News for bloggers + authors: The organizers report: Our Reserved Room Block is Almost Full! | is March 22-23, sure to be an amazing opportunity for learning + meeting kindred spirits

Get up to speed on various tidbits at Fusenews: All the news that’s fit to fuse — , + more

And even more news today in Morning Notes: Legends of Greemulax Edition — +

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

BestFriends Trends & the Most Anticipated Books of 2019: | , memoirs, + lots more

‘They Own the System’: Rewrites Book Industry by Marching Into -

Parenting + Play

Strong blog post: Our Children’s is not a badge of Honour – and why we need to change it! "Why have we taken something so beneficial () away?" via

full of"Family tech" gadgets meant to appeal to parental anxiety, but experts like question whether toys and monitors are a good idea

CoddlingBy mollycoddling our children, we're fuelling in | +

Schools and Libraries

Rethinking “Just Right”: and Text Variables that Impact by | Just as we are different readers in each book we pick up, so too are our

Academic : The Obligation for Universities to Evolve - + |

New York City offers some unpleasant truths about | "To think that seriously low-performing schools can be turned around in a few years with an infusion of money — even a big one — is wishful thinking"

RaisingKidsWhoReadWhat should improvement funders fund? Projects that stick close to the + that explore which content is most effective for kids to + how to it says

Defining and : Is There a Difference? Yes, says Julia Freeland Fisher

Self Development + Personal Growth

All Need to Keep - "if we are railing against systems ... then it is incumbent upon us all, to keep , exploring, discussing, problem-finding, + problem-solving"

Study Identifies The Most Effective Mental Strategies That People Use To Get Through Aversive Challenges –

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Literacy Milestone: Word-A-Day Calendar

LiteracyMilestoneALast month I wrote about my daughter's passion for "clarifying" (looking up and creating post-it notes) vocabulary words for her school reading. In the comments on that post, Karen Yingling from Ms. Yingling Reads suggested that I get her a Word-A-Day Calendar for Christmas. I thought this was a good idea and ordered the 365 New Words-A-Year Page-A-Day Calendar 2019.

WordADaySo far the calendar has been a hit. We keep it on the breakfast table and read about each new word together over breakfast. I add context and help with pronunciation where needed. Then my daughter tears the day's sheet off, punches a hole in the corner, and adds it to a string she's using to save them. I think she plans to show the string to her teacher at some point. 

It's not clear how many of the words she'll actually internalize and remember, but we are having fun with the experience. And in truth, I'm learning some new words, too. ("Adust: scorched, burned"). 

Reader's Digest used to have some sort of vocabulary quiz. I would try myself on those when I was a kid. This is what bookish people do, right? They read dictionaries and use book-a-day calendars and read and read and read, absorbing words everywhere they go. Special thanks to Karen for the excellent suggestion! 

Thanks for reading, and for growing bookworms!

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